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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal Problem After Porting Number from Another Network

2: Seeker

When I joined Vodafone I bought and registered my SureSignal, and all was well.

Last week I ported in a new number from O2 to replace my original Voda phone number.

However, I now can't administer the SS.

I log into my account, and click on SS, which now gives me a page which no longer has my original settings.

I try to register my SS and get an error

Sorry, there seems to be a problem.

We're working hard to fix the issue, so please try again later.: 500, 1013 - [1m1]


I have chatted with online support 3 times now. My account has been reset, and here is a fragment of my most recent chat yesterday with "Technical Specialists"

Vidya: Sal online there is some issue that is the reason you are unable to do so.
Vidya: You need to try tomorrow as the issue will be solved
Sal: And... what is the issue? You are the technical guys, why can't you fix it?
Vidya: Sal there is a online account maintenance for the upgrade
Sal: What does that mean? Especially, WHEN?
Vidya: I request you to wait till tomorrow


I am reluctant to waste any more time in endless chats to pleasant people who do not resolve the issue.

Can you please help?


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17: Community Champion

Hi @pintosal


You are going to need to deregister the number, leave it for 24 hours and reregister.  Further info for you below.


My Sure Signal is working but not with my phone. What can I do?


If you have any problems deregistering your previous number, live chat can do this for you to enable you to register the new number.

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2: Seeker

The problem is that I can't de-register.

My phone number has changed, as it was ported from O2, and my SS page only allows me to Register - see the attached picture.

Catch 22 :-(

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@pintosal – I’m sorry to hear of the problems you’re having with this.

So we can get everything sorted, I’ve sent you a private message with instructions on how to get in touch.

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