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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal - Slowing down my broadband

2: Seeker
Hi I've had my sure signal 2 for about two weeks, but its really slowing down my home broadband> My broadband speeds without SS connected are download 395kbps and upload 481 kpbs. When SS is connected they drop to 198kbps download and 280 kbps upload. This is without SS being used for any calls. Is this normal?
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Moderator (Retired)



Many thanks for your post about the Sure Signal using up your bandwidth. I can appreciate how this would be frustrating for you.


We have a thread already in place where we are collating information about ISPs and routers. If you'd like to post the requested information in the linked thread then we can pass the information on to our support teams for further investigation.

Sure Signal uses all my broadband Post number 19 lists the information we require.


As a matter of interest, are you using any Apple equipment on your router? It's an avenue we're currently investigating Smiley Wink





eForum Team

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2: Seeker

Hi Lee


Thanks for your reply. I have most of the information for you however need to check the firmare version when I get home from work 


Serial Number: 40112516790

ISP: Connected Communities

Router manufacturer: NetGear

Router model: WNR1000

Router firmware version: not sure will confirm later

How many devices are connected to the Sure Signal? a max of two, one (iphone4), one blackberry

Are the symptoms at all times or can you confirm they occur at certain times of the day? Happens all the time now but worse in the evening

First notice about a week ago, now having to turn off SS  to use the internet.

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2: Seeker

Hi Lee,


Firmware version is


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Moderator (Retired)



Many thanks for the information.


I've now passed this on to our support team to add to our investigation.


Have you any other Apple equipment other than the iPhone?





eForum Team

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1: Seeker

Having exactly the same problem



Serial Number:40113825497  

ISP: Eclipse  

Router manufacturer: Netgear  

Router model: DG 834G 

Router firmware version:  V3.01.25  

How many devices are connected to the Sure Signal?: One iPhone 4  

Are the symptoms at all times or can you confirm they occur at certain times of the day: Constant  

When did you first notice these symptoms occurring?: As soon as the Sure Signal was connected


SS connected the results are

Down Load: 0.43Mbps

Up Load: 0.08Mbps


SS disconnected

Down Load: 3.48Mbps

Up Load: 0.31Mbps

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Fionawhyment,


Thanks for providing your details there.


I can see from the figures there that you are experiencing quite a difference in speeds, so I've forwarded your details on to see if we can identify what is causing this. As soon as we have any information we'll post back to let you know.



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