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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal V3 and BT Business Hub 5

2: Seeker

This has been posted a couple of times before by other members but I have not seen a satisfactory reply. I bought a Sure Signal V3 and have been tearing my hair out for two days now. I have tried everything suggested on forums here and in BT but nothing works. I find it hard to believe that two pieces of commercial equipment from respected suppliers cannot function together. Help... before I take the Sure Signal back to Vodafone and change my mobile service supplier.

I attach my data using the template suggested :


speed test   Ping 15ms  Download 45.66 Mbps  Upload 13.24 Mbps


External IP address


Sure Signal Serial No  42180837231


Traceroute result:


traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets

 1  btbusinesshub (  1.545 ms  1.193 ms  1.080 ms

 2 (  13.997 ms  14.023 ms  14.053 ms

 3 (  14.094 ms  14.142 ms  13.881 ms

 4 (  14.679 ms  14.736 ms  15.141 ms

 5 (  14.780 ms  15.231 ms  14.721 ms

 6 (  15.476 ms  15.131 ms  15.171 ms

 7 (  14.884 ms  15.190 ms  14.683 ms

 8 (  14.850 ms  15.341 ms  15.167 ms

 9 (  15.731 ms  15.305 ms  15.100 ms

10 (  15.596 ms  15.415 ms  15.397 ms

11 (  14.965 ms  14.828 ms  14.574 ms

12  * *

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I apologise for the trouble you've been having with your Sure Signal @kjorford and understand how frustrating this must be.

You may have tried these already, but have you been through all of our troubleshooting steps here? Can I ask what light sequence you're getting currently?

So we can investigate further for you and help to get you up and running, I've popped you a private message over with details on how to get in touch.

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17: Community Champion

You aren't going to get it to work I don't think. Sure Signals and BT Homehubs play nicely together but BT Business Hubs don't for some reason. I'm not technical so I can't say why but it has always been the case in my experience both in the real world and on this forum.


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2: Seeker

Thank you for coming back to me. Unfortunately I have given up on this unit. I have several VPNs in my BT business network and this is the first that has given problems that surely could have been solved by Vodafone already and either have been fixed or at least instructions on how to configure. I have returned the unit and am sorry to have wasted anyone's time.

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