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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal V3 no LEDs - its gone dead

2: Seeker

My Sure Signal v3 has today failed, no power LEDs, nothing. Its been working fine for a while, but no more. 

Is the an RMA or replacement process, its not a very old SS. 


Thank you


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17: Community Champion

Hi @jjw555



Please Note : If the Sure Signal displays ANY signs of internal failure / no lights then unplug it straightaway and contact Vodafone Customer Services.


SS come with a 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty.

Call 191 or use Live Chat and request a replacement. They are aware some v3 SS have developed issues. 

Also post in this long running thread > Suresignal-V3-Overheated-Blew-Up-Exploded-Hot-Burnt-out-amp-Dead.


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@jjw555 I've sent you a private message with details to contact our team directly - we'll then be in touch to help as soon as possible.

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