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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal and BT Smart Hub 2

2: Seeker

Dear all

Would be grateful for your help in relation to getting VF Sure Signal to work.


Recently moved to a new home to find that our Vodafone signal is very weak, non existent in some rooms. We bought a VF Sure Signal device, and followed instructions to register my and my wife’s phones, and connected it to my BT Smart Hub 2 (we have fibre direct to home).


After many resets and many web chats to Vodafone customer service, the result is that:

  1. Both of our phones are properly registered (I can see on My Vodafone and also confirmed by web chat support).


  1. Phones receive calls – no problem.
  1. Phones send and receive texts – no problem.
  1. Phones cannot make calls. A call is made, it is registered with the receiving device but it never rings for the caller or the receiver of the call – it just dials and then shuts down, no error message or anything, as if I put the phone down.

All the lights on the Sure Signal device are on as per instructions.


The last advice from VF web chat was that I should go to a Vodafone shop and ask them in person. This seems very odd, as what are they going to tell me if they do not have access to my network?


What am I missing here – can anyone help?


Very grateful in advance for any thoughts.



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Moderator (Retired)

Hey @Nebojsa, sorry your having some trouble with your Sure Signal. 


As the lights and everything else looks to be fine at your end, I think we'll need to check the service from our side.

There'sa few things that we can do to sort this. We’ll need to access your account for this so I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.



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