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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal and Double NAT

4: Newbie



I have an ISP-supplied router, which cannot be placed into bridge mode.  It's pretty limiting, so I am going to use my own router behind it to provide better security.  I am going to place my router as the DMZ to the ISP internet-facing router.  This means all incoming ports redirect to the secondary router.


Will this cause problems for a Sure Signal behind my router?  Has anyone got this working, and will Vodafone support it?  I will have UPnP enabled on my router for port forwarding, and as mentioned, the ISP router is already forwarding all ports to the secondary router.


Many thanks in advance!

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Thanks for getting in touch @misterhoughton.

We'd be unable to guarantee the advice we provide would be correct, when you're using third party equipment. Though I would imagine, as long as your port forwarding is enabled it wouldn't cause any problems.

Maybe one of the other community members will be able to help you further. Best of luck 👍

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