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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal at home for work mobile

2: Seeker

If I'm provided with a Vodafone mobile as a work phone but get no Vodafone signal at home, am I able to buy a SureSignal personally and use it at home or would there be an issue with the registration of it and the fact that I wouldn't strictly be the owner of the contract?


Thanks in advance!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @marc82


If the number is on a corporate business account, the account holder will be responsible for managing the Sure Signal and you will need to ask the company to register the postcode, the location of the Sure Signal and the number against the corporate company account.  This means you will need to ask your employer for help.


If the number is just on business account,  you should be able to register the device to your account and add the number.


Further information for you below.


Sure Signal Support




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3: Seeker

I would expect your company to pay for a SureSignal if you can't receive a Vodafone signal where you live. I already had my own SS and my work also use Voda - they would have provided one for me if needed, due to me needing to be on call. I don't see why you should be £70 out of pocket to do out of hours work for them! :smileyhappy:

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