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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal will not connect

2: Seeker

After 5 hours on the phone to Vodafone I think my blood pressure is close to overload and the Sure Signal still will not connect.  Please let me explain and I hope that someone out there can help me.


I bought a Sure Signal in July this year, it was the most fantastic piece of kit I've ever bought - I went from no signal inside or outside the house to having 5 blips on my iPhone inside and 3 in the garden.  Great.


I went on holiday on 2 weeks later and returned to find it wasn't connecting.  Power light flashing and 2 amber lights at the right hand side.


3 hours on the phone yesterday to the tech dept for the kit and it was concluded the unit was faulty and needed replacing.  Return of the duff one sorted and order for new one placed for collection at local store.


I duly collected the new unit this afternoon, registered it, waited for email confirmation of registration, plugged it in and guess what - the same lights appeared.


There has to be a simply answer for this issue, it worked then whilst I was away it stopped working.  My ISP has confirmed nothing was changed with their settings or my router.


For information my ISP is See The Light, using fibre optics to door - download speed is close to 45 Mb and upload around 9.


Please can anyone help me before I scream and throw all my vodafone kit out of the window?

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2: Seeker

Sorted!  I've reset the Port Forwarding, with huge and very grateful help from, and tomorrow shall be asking my ISP how to asign the SS3 with a static IP on my network.


Fingers crossed it will work for more than a few days, I can't describe how happy I am to see perfect signal on my mobile :smileyhappy:

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2: Seeker

Update.  SS worked fine until I made the last step of giving the device a static IP, as requested by Vodafone, nothing else was touched on the settings.  


Now it won't work whether it has a static IP or not, I'm back to tearing my hair out.

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2: Seeker

It's a great idea using 191, but you need mobile signal to make the call.


I don't have mobile signal at my home and after over 7 hours of trying to get technical department to sort out why my Sure Signal isn't working I have no hope of getting mobile signal.


For info I'm sitting in a black spot because I bought a house in an area confirmed on Vodafone's coverage map as having signal both indoors and out - but ask anyone living in the new town of Cranbrook, Devon, and they'll all tell you the same thing - the coverage map is wrong, we don't have signal.


I've tried everything possible to get this Sure Signal back up and working and it feels like Vodafone just aren't listening or interested in my frustration.

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Moderator (Retired)


Please provide the following information so that we can look into this further.

Your speed test results from here.

Your ping test results from here.

Your external IP address from here.

The results of a traceroute.


Your Sure Signal serial number:


VSS Traceroute command

On a PC:

Click on Start and select Run

Type CMD into the Run box and press enter/click ok

A black box will appear.

In this box type tracert press Enter

Paste the output of this command into your reply.

This will help us get the quickest possible resolution for you.



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2: Seeker

Thanks for the offer but it's too late, I've returned the Sure Signal after over two solid days working on it and 25 telephone calls to technical help.  I'm very disappointed as that was my only way to get a mobile signal, but I really couldn't cope with the frustration any more.

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Community Champion (Retired)

This may also be a bit late, but at the point that you had things working... and then changed the SS to use a static IP....


As part of following the instructions, you would have found your SS IP address, and set the ports to forward there.

Did you change the port forwarding rules to point to the new IP you assigned it?


If not, your router would still be sending the traffic to the old address, and taking off the static, could well have dynamically issued a differnt one too (so again the forwarding would not be hitting the target)

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2: Seeker

Thanks for the suggestion, but yes the port forwarding was set correctly.

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3: Seeker

Hey @vrmobile


Are you still in Cranbrook? 


Construction has started on a new Vodafone mast between the Cranberry Farm and the Jack in the Green Inn which will hopefully bathe Cranbrook and Rockbeare in new 4G signal,  so this should mean you won’t need your sure signal for too much longer! :Smiling: