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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure signal 3 not working since changing broadband provider

3: Seeker

Hello, I changed bb provider from Vodafone to virgin a week ago and ever since the Sure Signal Box has stopped working. I tried resetting box and restarting broadband but to no avail. I have called 191 and been told various different things eg need to get a static IP address from virgin  (not possible) to check for firewalls / security settings but nothing has worked and now Vodafone  are saying I need to pay for a new box when the current one is only 3 months old (although they say there is nothing wrong with it) and should be under warranty.

I really need some help and advice. Thanks! 

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I'm sorry to hear you're struggling to connect your Sure Signal to your Virgin Media router @Junglejayne. Please check our troubleshooting guide for help with this.

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