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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure signal deregister problem

2: Seeker


I left Vodafone in September but didn't deregister my sure signal. I now want to pass this on. However despite messaging Vodafone via twitter and Facebook the best response I've got is to login via my Vodafone to deregister. However as my account is inactive this is useless advise. I can't get passed the help desk auto voice messages as again I have no active account so my mobile number isn't recognised. I've now received an email today saying my sure signal device will be suspended soon, I see this as an opportunity from Vodafone to remove this device as I've made contact about it. Please can someone help me here? I just want to deregister a sure signal device! 

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Hi there @weallo, did you have a registered alternative contact number set up on your account that you still have access to? If so, you may still be able to log into My Vodafone to deregister the Sure Signal.

If not, one of our team will be able to deregister the device for you from either our Facebook or Twitter team. Please be aware we're the same team on both channels, so I'd advise against using both to avoid any confusion. Should you still need any assistance, please let us know the Sure Signal serial number when messaging us and we'll get this deregistered after completing security with you.

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