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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure signal drops connection

2: Seeker


I have a sure signal that worked perfectly in my old house on normal slow BT internet. I moved to my current address and now have BT Sulerfast Fibre 2 unlimited and my suresignal is terrible.


I’ve put up with it for long enough and now want to sort it out as I can’t make calls reliably. 


Does anyone one have any ideas what it could be please?

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@Jotee I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your Sure Signal. I understand how important these devices are to our customers. It could be something as simple as, your address needs updating on the system. 
So I can take a closer look into what may be causing this issue, please take a look at our Sure Signal troubleshooting thread, then post back your results if you’re not directed to an existing thread 😊

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2: Seeker

Hi Coleen


its not just an address issue, nor does the link you provided take me anywhere.


I would like this sorting as soon as possible as I’ve had this second class service for long enough, please advise what I can do to sort it.

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@Jotee Apologies - the link should have taken you here 🙂 Please take a look and if the troubleshooting doesn't help. fill out and post back the template. We'll then be able to have a better understanding of what's causing the issue you're facing and work towards resolving that for you. 

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