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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure signal not working

2: Seeker

Hi my sure signal is not working now. It is model 9361 p3.0 no lights on at all even after reset. 

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2: Seeker

Have you had a power cut ?. these are well known for going wrong if you have a power cut, then possibly a

power surge, I know i`m on my third. you can try unplugging it leave it for ten mins then try plugging back

in but if no lights more than likely it is dead.

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Hi @Help26022020 as @oddblocks mentioned, no lights on your Sure Signal can sometimes mean it's faulty beyond repair. If it's still under warranty, pop into your local Vodafone store and we'll be happy to look into replacing this for you. If not, before you dispose of this and look into replacing it, you could try performing a factory reset, to complete this please follow 👉 

  1. Connect device to internet and power supply
  2. Press and hold down reset button – located near the internet port
  3. Wait for 20 seconds
  4. Release the reset button
  5. All the LEDs will temporarily switch off for about 10 seconds. The power LED will then light up and remain constant whilst white internet LED flashes continuously.

If this is successful, your Sure Signal will be back online in around 1 hour 🤞

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