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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure signal stopped working

2: Seeker


Came home tonight and my V3 has stopped working, i have no lights or anything on at all. Have tried resetting but to no avail...yes the power socket is working! Help!!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @beckytrux


The socket will work as it's powered by your wall socket. 


If there are no lights then unplug it straight away please and call Customer services on 191 or use Live Chat. 


A sure signal has 24 months manufacturing warranty on it but due to raised known issues with the v3 customer services should arrange for it to be replaced regardless of warranty. 


See the info in >




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11: Established

Hello Becky


As band Of Brothers has correctly stated, this is a known issue with SureSignal and Vodafone have agreed with Trading Standards to replace any unit suspected to have failed due to power supply internal failure.


You may need to battle Customer Services, but continue to insist as stated on Page 1 of the link previously given, that you are fully entitled to replacement regardless of warranty status.


If you have any issues, contact me directly or post on my main thread on this issue and I will help you further.


PLEASE ENSURE:  that your report the failure to Trading Standards via Consumer Direct on 0345 4040506 to ensure they can log yet another failure. This should be done regardless even if Vodafone have offered a replacement as they have told Trading Standards "only a few have been affected" which appears not to be the case.

It is important to report all failed SureSignal V3 using the links below to:

BBC's Watchdog:

Trading Standards: Call them on 0345 4 040506

Vodafone CEO: -  (Search Vodafone UK)

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@beckytrux Thanks for getting in touch.


So we can help, please follow the steps provided in the private message I've sent to you and a member of the team will be in touch.

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