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Vodafone Sure Signal

SureSignal taking incredible long time to connect

4: Newbie

My SureSignal was working .... I had to reboot Broadband router .... Internet back up within 3 mins.

Now more than an Hr later SureSignal still not up .............. Why does it take so long for this to reconnect ?


Did have 1 red and 1 amber lights ... after an Hr still have flashing red and the phone LED is steady amber.


With Vodafoine totally removing all 2G and 3G signal coverage from my area I am reliant on SureSignal.

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Hi @sargan 

Please take a look at our Sure Signal Troubleshooting thread. If this doesn’t resolve your query, please post your reply either below, or in the relevant thread, together with the details requested, including the following information.

Your speed test results from here.

Your ping test results from here.

Your external IP address from here.

The results of a traceroute.


Your Sure Signal serial number:


VSS Traceroute command

On a PC:

Click on Start and select Run

Type CMD into the Run box and press enter/click ok

A black box will appear.

In this box type tracert press Enter

Paste the output of this command into your reply.

This will help us get the quickest possible resolution for you.

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4: Newbie


n sequnece as requested

Speed test results here:

(1.47Mbps download)


Ping test - 57mS, Jitter 6mS


my ip address:


SureSignal Serial: 42150216952


Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

  1     3 ms    18 ms     9 ms  BThomehub.home []
  2    49 ms    39 ms    49 ms
  3    79 ms    39 ms    39 ms
  4    49 ms    39 ms    49 ms
  5    49 ms    49 ms    49 ms
  6    39 ms    49 ms    59 ms
  7    39 ms    59 ms    39 ms [109.159.
  8    69 ms    49 ms    69 ms [109.159.
  9    59 ms    49 ms    49 ms
 10    49 ms    59 ms    49 ms []
 11    59 ms    49 ms    49 ms
 12     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 13     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 14     *        *        *     Request timed out.

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17: Community Champion

Have you rebooted the suresignal after the broadband was switched off?


It could be confused and think it is still talking to an old connection that is no longer there?


You could also try holding the reset button (assuming it's the plug style sure signal) for 30 seconds to force the device to initalise again and re-download it's configuration files.

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4: Newbie

Had tried both of them .... did re-connect just took more than an Hr



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17: Community Champion

Maybe another reboot of the router with the suresignal disconnected/turned off.


If it was working, and nothing has changed, then it should work again.

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2: Seeker

Same problem, even after holding reset, unplugging and leaving it for 5 minutes.  Every few days it seems like it is trying to download the entire internet.


Vodafone keep going from ##~## service to ##~## service. Out of contract, no notification my ime wass up they just upped the monthly charge.


Moving to EE, great coverage everywhere, no BS Sure Signal needed because they spend money on actual infrastructure.


How about less F1 car sponsorships and doing you f'n job of supplying a decent service to your customers.


Glad to be leaving, will never use or recommend to anyone, ever......

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4: Newbie

I have an EE Signal Boost box (same a suresignal) for one buisness line ..... it works the way you would expect ... plug it in and it is working in under 2 mins.    No waiting for Hours for system to sync.


If you reboot it holding button down ... it checks for any newer firmware it downloads and updates automatically.


SureSignal needs a major refresh.

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We're sorry to hear you feel this way.

We'll be happy to look into your Sure Signal issues for you.

Please post the traceroute template from above and we'll be able to assist you further.

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