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Vodafone Sure Signal

Suresignal V3 - Overheated, Blew Up, Exploded, Hot, Burnt out & Dead with no Lights

12: Established


Rather than send it back, can you try yo do as I did and offer to present the device to a shop in order to prove it's faulty?

I'd like your unit for further tests done at our factory if you can get your refund and still keep hold of the device?

If anyone else is willing to send me their unit please drop me a PM as I am looking to blow the 'transients' rubbish out of the water...


It is important to report all failed SureSignal V3 using the links below to:

BBC's Watchdog:

Trading Standards: Call them on 0345 4 040506

Vodafone CEO: -  (Search Vodafone UK)

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12: Established
Least finally you got somewhere...

Can you drop a 'thanks' on this posting to keep it prominent for others..


It is important to report all failed SureSignal V3 using the links below to:

BBC's Watchdog:

Trading Standards: Call them on 0345 4 040506

Vodafone CEO: -  (Search Vodafone UK)

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4: Newbie
Thanks everyone on forum for advice and support. Happy I got mine sorted now and will key updated with this forum to see what happens for other people.

I'll see what happens with mine and credit on account and sending it back and updates.

There's definitely something going on, and tech support did say on numerous times there has been issues with a handful of devices. And it's the minority. My viewpoint on that is if there is a risk of fire and burn out which could lead to fire in someone's house then surely this is a risk that they should deal with on a larger scale recall. If there is a risk then this is risking people's lives.
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2: Seeker

Just an update on mine:


Filled in the online form Rahim, a few days later I missed a call from vodafone but did get an email saying they would try again.


Call recevied, straight away they said they would replace mine (out of warranty)


Today brandnew sure signal arrived all up and working also a prepaid envelope to return the old one.


So 10/10 for customer service this time, though i do wonder how I would of got on if I hadn't found this thread!


So thanks all!



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Moderator (Retired)

@MrJG @Jomider @Stormforce Thank you for keeping us updated. 

We're glad to hear everything's been sorted. 

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4: Newbie

Nice one @Stormforce - my story is not so happy..


The new suresignal arrived - guess what - no power light when you plug it in..


Really quite fed up now as I'm not getting replies to my emails  - so reposting.


Vodafone - what is this?


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4: Newbie

Hi @Rahim - not so ideal - thanks for the New SS - but it is completely dead - I assume even before I plugged it in - no power light whatsoever  from the get go. Please!!

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12: Established

Hi Jomider


Please can you also report this and the fact it is brand new to Trading Standards as with the previous one.


Vodafone are claiming that dead units are due to mains transients and depending on whether the unit has "blown" as you plugged it in or was faulty due to a bad component or physical damage it would be interesting to know why it is not working.



It is important to report all failed SureSignal V3 using the links below to:

BBC's Watchdog:

Trading Standards: Call them on 0345 4 040506

Vodafone CEO: -  (Search Vodafone UK)

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Moderator (Retired)

@Jomider This isn't good to hear. 

Please can you reply with this information to our last email sent. 

We'll be able to investigate further once we've received your reply. 

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3: Seeker


Apologies for repeat posts... having some PC grelims too...!! 

3: Seeker

Please see posts above & below...


3: Seeker

There is poor signal in our area after the change to 3G & 4G.. was fine before that.. hence needing the SureSignal box..


Mine just blew up on 9/7/2016... had it new in December 2014 .. the bang sounded just like a bird had hit the front lounge window....Took out the RCD for the downstairs ring main in our house when it failed...which included the power to our fridge-freezer in the kitchen...  .


Spoke with VodaFone on 191... seems the entire SureSignal  team had gone home!!. The operative whose name I could not understand promised to ring me back the next day.. he never did...


Tried VodaFone chat.. "Yogesh" just continually trotted out the standard "we can't help as the warranty has run out" line.. clearly has no idea about UK Consumer Protection Law... I have the entire transcipt from this chat.. if it wasn't so serious & annoying... it would be funny!


So.. whilst this "chat shenanigans" was going on my wife "Googled it"... the number of hits for the same issue was staggering.. THERE IS NO WAY VODAFONE DON'T KNOW THIS IS HAPPENING!

There clearly are a significant number of the units that have had a "thermal event" like mine .. or worse.. and as such are potentially dangerous... This HAS TO BE an issue VodaFone should be supporting their customers over..  Do we need somebody's house to burn down and/or there is loss of life before a recall etc is issued?


As to the quality of the device itself?... has the words "Made in China" on it... enough said...


Please see attached.. shows the same "burn marked" casing in other posts... and a small "chip" fragment that was lying in the case.. you can see the failed "blown" chip from where the fragment originated on one of the photo's too...


Do I really have to take VodaFone to court over this?.. As a member of the Consumers Association (Which? magazine etc) I will if that is the only option.. please see the attached photo's..


I bet some of you have seen this many times before...


12: Established
Hi Mart

No, you won't need to take them to court as Rahim will probably respond tomorrow to offer you a replacement.

However in order to have this product fully investigated, as advised previously, make sure you call Consumer Direct on 0345 4040506 and report the failure and it's effects to your power supply circuit. Let them know there is an open investigation with West Berkshire Trading Standards and you want your details logging to the complaint.

It may be an idea to post your chat script here for others to see as well.

Don't accept the replacement without also informing Trading Standards as others behind you need protection, hopefully by way of a recall.

It is important to report all failed SureSignal V3 using the links below to:

BBC's Watchdog:

Trading Standards: Call them on 0345 4 040506

Vodafone CEO: -  (Search Vodafone UK)

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4: Newbie

really sorry you have had this, but so glad you found this link.,.


Do you know after reading what @gmsecure had to say, I did get traction - see my earlier optimistic posts   and eventiually V sent me a brand new  DEAD UNIT.  I am not getting anywhere with this and I think the time has come to push the mad buttom.


The individuals I have been dealing with -  too many to name (honestly) have been wonderful, but I think there is an absolute lack of corporate ownership of this issue and I find myself getting really quite frustrated (english unerstatement)


My next communication on this is to Watchdog - @gmsecure are you coordinating?  


officially now at end of road






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Moderator (Retired)



I'm sorry to hear of your poor experience. So that we can look into this further, see the private message I've sent for how to get in touch.



I can see Rahim has been helping you via email. If you still need support, please reply to the last email from our team.

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4: Newbie

Well Rahim is not helping much I'm afraid...


Charles in socail media sent me a new sure signal - It was dead when it got here - I sent charles an email saying it was dead, Carly sent me a message saying she was glad it was all OK and Sukhi today sent me a message saying would I confirm it was all OK.


Now you have sent me a post saying Rahim is helping me, which he hasn't been - not that I can see anyway.

I would be laughing if this wasnt such a waste of my and everyone else's time.  And yes I am now (really) quite cross with Vodafone..


For clarity, the sure signal 43161699509 is dead.. it still had its cellophane on when I got it out of the box and it was dead from the moment I plugged it in - if it had had no circuit board inside it could scarcely have shown less life.  If it hadn't been put in a nice new box and wrapped up, it would have been in a skip in shanghai or somewhere being disasembled for its copper wire - it is dead...


I get lots of contact from people who do nothing about my problem and it's worse than complete silence.  I have run out of vocabulary to express my disapppointment now - 

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12: Established

I'll post a template letter here this evening, I was hoping to do it last week but was busy and travelling at the same time.


I agree, it is time to have the BBC involved..

It is important to report all failed SureSignal V3 using the links below to:

BBC's Watchdog:

Trading Standards: Call them on 0345 4 040506

Vodafone CEO: -  (Search Vodafone UK)

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4: Newbie
Great. Let's do it. Thanks
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3: Seeker

Hello... Got as response from DaveCD.. tried on 3 different PC's to use the escalation process... didn't work!! ..


He is the original chat transcript... happy reading!!


Welcome to Vodafone! You will now be connected with a service adviser. Your approximate wait time is 0 minute(s) and 3 seconds. . We’re looking forward
to assisting you today.
info: at 8:19:03
You are now connected with Yogesh.
Yogesh: at 8:19:06
Hello, you're chatting with Yogesh, how may I help you today?
Yogesh: at 8:19:12
Hello Martin, hope you are well !!
Martin at 8:19:36
Hello.. My VodaFone suresignal has gone bang!
Martin at 8:20:02
I now have no signal in my house & can't reliably use our 4 mobile phones
Yogesh: at 8:20:31
I am so sorry for this inconvenience Martin, I understand your Sure Signal Device is not boosting the networks.
Martin at 8:21:06
No... no lights on... it's "dead"
Yogesh: at 8:21:59
martin, I am sorry to learn that.
Yogesh: at 8:22:17
you can purchase a new Sure Signal device from our website.
Martin at 8:23:27
But a new one??? I have to pay for a new one? is that what your are telling me? This failed one is only 1 1/2 years old!!
Yogesh: at 8:24:36
Martin, Sure Signal have warranty of 1 year.
Martin at 8:24:49
the nature of the failure is a common issue.. there are scores of people on the internet who have had the same issue... this MUST be a known concern &
therefore VodaFone should be doing something aboiut this...
Yogesh: at 8:24:44
I am afraid your device is not out of warranty.
Martin: at 8:25:22
telling me the warranty is only one year is pointless...
Martin: at 8:25:48
in the UK an itenm such as this has to be "fit for purpose"
Martin: at 8:25:52
under law
Martin: at 8:26:02
this item clearly isn't...

Martin: at 8:26:30
especially when you see the number of folk on the internet who have had the exact same issue...
Yogesh: at 8:26:32
Martin, I understand it should not be dead within 1 1/2 year.
Yogesh: at 8:27:09
I am sorry for this, but Vodafone provides 1 year of manufacturing warranty.
Martin: at 8:27:16
for this info I know any SureSignal made before August 2015 is likely to fail.. as ours has done...
Yogesh: at 8:27:45
Martin, I would recommend for you to pay a visit to nearest Vodafone store.
Martin at 8:27:57
Trading Standards in the UK are now involved
Martin: at 8:28:18
which means people could be or are taking VodaFone to court over this...
Martin: at 8:28:23
Martin: at 8:29:07
I would like you to get me a replacement... free of charge please..
Yogesh: at 8:30:02
Martin, I am sorry to disappoint you, Sure Signal device can be replaced within the warranty.
Martin: at 8:30:30
BTW... ALL other UK mobile providers.. have a "app" that allows their phones to access the phone network ... VodaFone don't do this... they charge £100
for a suresignal box!
Martin: at 8:30:55
which fails after 1 1/2 years!!
Martin: at 8:31:13
the app on the other providers is free!
Martin: at 8:31:20
so I ask again...
Martin: at 8:32:36
do not quote me warranty terms... the SureSignal I have clearly was not fit for purpose ...
Yogesh: at 8:33:10
Martin, I hope you understand a product has a limited warranty, and we take full responsibility of the device if any manufacturing problem arises.
Yogesh: at 8:33:38
but after the warranty period gets over, we can not entertain replacement, then there is no point of warranty if we replace the device.
Yogesh: at 8:33:52
I am so sorry, this can no be replaced.
Martin: at 8:34:02
UK Consumer Rights Act

Martin: at 8:34:54
All goods must be: as described of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose If they're not, the retailer is in breach of contract and you have a claim under the
Sale of Goods Act
Yogesh: at 8:35:21
Thanks for sharing the information Martin, we are also aware of the laws.
Yogesh: at 8:35:32
And we do replace the device within our warranty period.
Yogesh: at 8:35:47
No brand will entertain the replacement once the warranty is over.
Yogesh: at 8:35:48
Is there anything else I can do for you today?
Martin: at 8:36:10
Martin: at 8:36:16
Under UK Law..
Martin: at 8:36:18
Your rights against the retailer can last for up to six years but the onus is on you to prove a fault was present at the time of purchase after the first six months.
Martin: at 8:37:23
as there are literally hundreds of people having the same issue..AND VODAFONE KNOW ABOUT IT.. then Vodafone are liable..
Martin: at 8:38:00
I am also a member of the UK consumers association which state:
Yogesh: at 8:38:49
Martin its a gadget. And a technical fault can happen anytime with gadgets like handset laptop computers and also with Sure Signal Device. and Brand
covers the fault within warranty.
Martin: at 8:39:03
If something is not of satisfactory quality, you have a legal right under the Sale of Goods Act to a refund or to have it replaced or repaired for free. You can
ask the retailer to do either but it can normally choose to do whichever would be cheapest. If the retailer refuses to repair the faulty goods, you may have the
right to arrange for someone else to repair them and claim compensation from the retailer for the cost of doing this. If the retailer refuses to provide any
remedy, such as replacing the item, you are entitled to a full refund within the first 6 months or you can keep the item and get a reduction on the price you
Yogesh: at 8:40:27
martin, please check around, these cause are for goods within warranty period.
Yogesh: at 8:40:56
It itself says : you are entitled to a full refund within the first 6 months or you can keep the item and get a reduction on the price you paid.
Yogesh: at 8:41:10
And your device is 18 months old.
Martin: at 8:41:49
I can see there is little point in continuing this chat.. you clearly do not understand UK law.. you leave me choice but to seek legal redress..
Martin: at 8:41:59

I have 6 years...
Yogesh: at 8:42:27
Could you see, on our website that Sure Signal device is having warranty for 6 years ?
Martin: at 8:42:34
this is the statute for "not fit for purpose"
Martin: at 8:43:07
this is on Vodafone own web forum!!!
Martin: at 8:43:43
from your own website!!!
Martin: at 8:45:24
Martin: at 8:45:30
read this lot!!!
Martin: at 8:45:39
it is clearly a common problem!!
Yogesh: at 8:46:02
Martin, I am afraid you are checking on web forum. It shows Customers reviews.
Martin: at 8:46:44
Martin: at 8:46:58
It shows customers complaining!!!
Yogesh: at 8:47:36
I am really sorry, we can not replace it free of cost.
Martin: at 8:48:15
Re: Sure Signal just exploded! Options Its a generic response to the same problem affecting many users. Vodafone should have admitted a problem and fixed
it years ago instead of claiming they have never heard of this issue before. When I post a reply the original user asking the question will be notified of the
response where they can act to help many others by reporting it as well as the chance to get their money back. It is wrong to sell a flawed product and tell
people that they should be paying for the replacement. I want this product recalled, it is potentially dangerous. I have nothing to gain as mine had already
been replaced for free but on principle of safety I don't trust the replacement I have been given due to the knowledge of what could happen when a unit fails.
For many years Indisit, Hotpoint and others claimed their tumble dryers were safe and now they are in the centre of a national recall and replacement
scheme after numerous house fires. How long will it be before many of the 2+ year old units begin to fail and it onlh needs one to catch fire where it
becomes a fatality?
Martin: at 8:48:28
this is a quote from the forum.
Yogesh: at 8:51:43
I can understand you are checking customer reviews.
Yogesh: at 8:51:43
But I am really sorry as per warranty terms we can replace the device.
Martin: at 8:52:37

on your forum..
Martin: at 8:52:38
Have Vodafone contacted you or have you had a chat online and been told that the only way you can obtain a replacement is buy one up front, then later
claim a refund? This, is totally wrong as they have sold you a dud product, so why shoul dyou have to pay again on promise of a refund. If Vodafone have
told you this, phone Trading Standards back on 03454 040506 and tell them that you have now been offered a replacement on your burnt out device but only
if you purchase a new one and claim the money back. Vodafone have already admitted on the phone to me that units prior to August 2015 are affected, so
why should you have to pay up front when all you should be doing is sending the unit back or drop into a shop to prove your existing unit is faulty. I have
emails Vodafone's CEO and passed this on to Trading Standards this end, but if this is the deal Vodafone are offering then you must inform your local
Trading Standards office. Also, you can legally claim 8% interest per day that you are waiting for your refund if you have already purchased one and
awaiting a refund. This is classed incurred remidial cost in order to obtain your rightful replacement which should be at NO FURTHER COST to you. THIS
Yogesh: at 8:52:35
Sure Signal Device comes with a warranty of 1 year only, and we do entertain servicing or replacement of the complaints.
Yogesh: at 8:55:41
Martin, we can not replace or refund for a product which is out of warranty.
Yogesh: at 8:55:48
I am really very sorry.
Yogesh: at 8:55:56
Anything more for me today ?
Yogesh: at 8:58:47
Hi, are we still connected?
Martin: at 8:59:35
Yogesh: at 9:00:00
Martin , Is there anything else I can do for you today?
Martin: at 9:00:37
I will regrettably therefore be taking any steps I need to under UK law to get this resovlved.
Martin: at 9:01:00
and no there isn't anything else you can do for me today thank you...
Yogesh: at 9:01:33
I am sorry for this incompetence Martin.
Yogesh: at 9:01:41
Take care, have a great day ahead.
Yogesh: at 9:01:44
info: at 9:03:09
This chat has been ended by your Vodafone Representative


As you can see... I quoted other entries already on the forum... the chap totally ignored these... might as well have been speaking "Klingon".... (wej 'IwlIj vay'!..means does not listen to anyone!)) .... Except I do like the "I am sorry for this incompetence Martin.".. the only accurate statement made!! You got that right!!!

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2: Seeker

My replacement is working fine albeit very hot ( I am going to use a thermal camera on it to get temp) why does these things run so hot!



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