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Vodafone Sure Signal

Trying to re-register an old Sure Signal V1

2: Seeker

My employer just switched me over to Vodafone but coverage is poor in my home office. There's no WiFi calling available on our account (that's a puzzler) but I had an old Sure Signal V1 in the cupboard. It's been at least 5 years since its been online.


It's been idle for a very long time and I suspect all it's original account details had been deleted as I was able to register an new account and the Sure Signal which now shows a status of Registered.


Unfortunately I can't get the Sure Signal to come online.


I have performed a factory reset (button 30 secs, unplug, replug wait for lights to flash in sequence before finally releasing the button) and after 24 hours still have 2 states alternating:


  • Light 1 on constant, Light 2 flashing slowly
  • Light 1 on constant, Light 2 flashing slowly with light 4 flashing at twice for every 1 flash of light 2

I've tried with the Sure Signal in the DMZ of my Sky Hub, and also added the ports manually in my router but can't get it to come up online.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @brummygit 


The problem here will be due to the device not having been used for 5 years. 


When the device has not been used for 3 months or longer, Vodafone will have placed a bars against the device, quite sure after 5 years the serial number would have been removed from the network, this is usally done after 12 months of non use.


It's a shame your employer is not on an eligble contract or has WiFi calling enabled on the business account.

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2: Seeker

I think that's correct, however the online systems allowed me to register as though it was a new device

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17: Community Champion

Who knows it might be worth speaking with customer service on 191 or Live Chat and see how that goes @brummygit 


If not then the Sure signal device is £70 or if your phone and tariff is eligible look at calling over Wi-Fi as a possible optio . 

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