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Vodafone Sure Signal

V3 is not as great as EE booster

2: Seeker

Just switched from EE to Vodafone and as neither provider gives coverage at our home address we have uaed booster devices.

However I have discovered that the EE device supports 4g, which the V3 Sure Signal does not. (support told me to change my phone config to only connect with 3g)

 Also the range of the Sure Signal is weaker, can't get a signal 8m away in the kitchen.

All in all I'm not impressed with this device. 


Will there be a V5 or have I got a duff device? 

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17: Community Champion

The V3 device is now several years old and there has never been any talk of an updated version. With Wi Fi calling now being more widespread a lot of people don't need them now. My own V3 failed a few weeks ago and I'm not replacing it.


I certainly never found a problem with range but it's always been a 3G only device. But assuming you have broadband and Wi Fi I'm not sure why that's an issue as 3G is perfect for voice calls and the Wi Fi takes care of the internet.


What we need are fewer not spots and there is an interesting article on the BBC news website today about the government encouraging churches to use their spires for mobile phone base stations. 


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2: Seeker

Agreed about getting a better signal across the countryside,, our trouble is living in AONB


The problem I have found with WiFi calling is the phone gets enough signal to register with 1mast, its not enough to make calls but it means the phone doesn't register against WiFi calling. So the caller gets a ring tone but the phone does not ring. 

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