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Vodafone Sure Signal

White list entry please

2: Seeker

Hi there


Can you please check to see if our IPs are in your whitelist, and add them if not?


Thanks, Paul

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I have checked this for you.


I can confirm that these are all on our whitelist.


Let us know, if there's anything we can do in the future.

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2: Seeker

Hi there


Thanks for checking - we do have an issue thenm which if you could help with that would be great.


We have a SureSignal device behind a firewall that we can see is initiating and creating an IPSEC VPN connection to Vodafone, appearing on the internet as (it is now routing to appear on the internet on an IP at a different site, which does connect to Vodafone OK (there are no differences on config on the firewall))


We can see that traffic is passing through this IPSEC tunnel, but the SS device still has 2 amber LEDs on it.


Are you able to see any connection attempts from this WAN IP (would have been yesterday)?


Do you have a document detailing what ports / applications need to be opened on the firewall, or any other requirements to get this to work?


We can't see any packets being blocked or dropped on the firewall, in either direction.


SS serial number - 40132201621



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2: Seeker

Also, to get support on this - what is the best number to call you on?

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