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Vodafone Sure Signal

iPhone XR sure signal reception poor after handset up grade

2: Seeker

Upgraded from iPhone 6 to XR, still have same number and the signal is terrible. Both I had full signal strength and now nil or one. My wife’s phone is still working fine  I have virtual charted to a Vodafone agent who said it would work between 6-24hrs. It has now been 5 days as I’ve been away and still the same. 


I have reset my SS and phone checked and my phone number is on there. Even had the agent do something remotely that seemed not to do anything.  Am I missing anything I should do!!


Somebody please help. 

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That's very strange @Paul9616 🤔 I'm wondering if your new phone is set to 4G only, as your Sure Signal boosts 3G service. 

Please go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Voice and Data and double check what option you have selected. Let me know if this helps at all, if not; have you done a SIM swap recently for your new phone? It could also we worth removing your number from the Sure Signal and re-adding it, as it may not recognise your new SIM number. 

Pop back and keep me updated, if you're still having trouble I'll be happy to take a closer look into this for you. 

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