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Vodafone Sure Signal

sure signal not working

4: Newbie

Plug in signal 3 not working. Have reset. Changed ethernet port. Solid red light nect 2 lights white as they are meant to be but 4th light nothing ......any suggestions as mobile useless at home without the sure signal

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4: Newbie

Did online chat with vodafone this morning told they would resync it leave it a few hrs try again.......nope no suggestion ?

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4: Newbie

More chat....and wasting more time and still no further forward...usual useless service from vodafone....anyone here any suggestions as getting nowhere with vodafone support people.....

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Hi @druimmuir, I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with your Sure Signal.
Please take a look at our Sure Signal Troubleshooting thread. If this doesn’t resolve your query, please post your reply either below, or in the relevant thread, together with the details requested, including the following information.

  • Your speed test results from here
  • Your ping test results from here
  • Your external IP address from here
  • The results of a traceroute
  • Your Sure Signal serial number

VSS Traceroute command
On a PC:

  1. Click on Start and select Run
  2. Type CMD into the Run box and press enter/click ok
  3. A black box will appear
  4. In this box type tracert press Enter
  5. Paste the output of this command into your reply

This will help us get the quickest possible resolution for you.

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