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Charged for calls not made from my phone!

2: Seeker


     Received bill on May 13th & noticed an extra charge,  £2.80 I think, & explored the reason for this.

It appears that I have been charged for three short duration calls, two of them only for several seconds & the third for just over a minute. I queried the charge & customer service waived it saying I was a " valued customer"

but  insisted that the calls were registered to my SIM, this worries me. I definitely did not make the calls, they are not in my call history, no one else has access to or uses my phone & I do not delete call history. I am concerned that if this problem turns up again & the ammount was to be significant, whether the charges would be waived? I have a copy of the chat transcript & as yet no one has been back with an explanation as they promised - can you help?


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@Elworth1 We'll be happy to look into this - please contact us using the information in the private message I've sent. 


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