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My mobile is broken

2: Seeker

I have a Nokia Lumia 930 Windows Phone which currently has no display at all. I've tried a reset and this has not worked. The phone rings when called but the display is black. How do I fix this or get the phone repaired? I have had it for over a year is it still under warranty as my contract is 24 months? How much will it cost me to have it repaired if it is not under warranty? If I don't have it repaired how can I retrieve the information on the phone for example photos, texts, contacts etc.


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17: Community Champion



If it was supplied directly from Vodafone then you can pop into your most local shop and they'll look at it and if necessary send it off to their repair centre. 


Remove any sim card, sd card and back panel if removable. 


Take Time / Date stamped pictures of the device to show the condition you sent it back in and one of it turned on if you can.


The manufacturer warranty would not cover issues from a drop or water damage. 


If the phone was supplied by an independent then you may need to liaise with them. 


Or speak with the manufacturer direct via any online chat or telephone number. 


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17: Community Champion

Sorry to add. 


To try and gain access to the phobe try hooking it up to a computer via a data cable and any available pc suite. 


If you do send it off one of the generic things they do is factory reset it which will delete your saved information. 


They would inform you of any costing once they have taken a look. At that point you can authorise the cost or ask to have it back. 


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