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No sound on Lumia 925 video.

2: Seeker

Hey guys,

I don't know whether it was just me or if others were having this same problem but recently when taking videos the sound hasn't been recorded!

I first noticed this when using 6sec and thought it may be to do with the app but when using the built in camera it still doesn't work! And here's the annoying bit, it works when using the Nokia pro cam app!

I'm not covering the mic and neither is my case, but I just wondered if anybody else is/was having this problem (and of course if there was a solution)!




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17: Community Champion

Hi @ngomaichi



Certainly a conundrum if an alternative option is working fine. 


Some people do go onto using other apps to circumvent the stock ones. 


If the settings are all fine and a soft reboot by turning the phone Off and On does not help then as a last resort create a back up to preserve your photos , contacts etc and perform a factory reset. 


Maybe see if a Google search returns any hits about this. 


Another option is to speak with the manufacturer via their online Uk support site. 


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4: Newbie

Hi Ngomaichi,


Your problem is almost certainly the same as my problem with the Lumia 930.


Windows 10 has 'broken' the microphone that is used to record audio on video clips.


Suggest you speak to Vodafone a lodge a complaint/issue. The more people that do will encourage Vodafone & Microsoft to get the matter fixed.


Cheers, Dave

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Hi @Dave_Voda, I've responded to your post here for help with this. 

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