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Nokia Lumia not receiving/sending texts

2: Seeker

My boyfriend and I are both on Vodafone. I've got a Nokia Lumia 830 (Windows 8.1) and he's got a Nokia Lumia 640 (not sure which Windows he's got).


I'm not receiving most texts from him. The other day I received a couple of texts when we were testing it out sitting next to each other, but he's sent lots of texts before and after that one day that I haven't received. On his phone it says these texts have been delivered, but I've not received them.


I haven't accidentally blocked his number and we're able to call each other.


He's receiving texts from me. As far as I'm aware, I'm receiving texts from other people, and his texts are getting delivered to other people. There just seems to be an issue when he tries to text me.


Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions before we reset our phones.

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17: Community Champion




Does this happen everywhere you visit?


It maybe worth checking your local and surrounding masts via the


I'm wondering if some of his texts that's not getting through to you are long or have emoticons in them which could be converting the texts to mms texts. 


Sometimes an account is not provisioned for mms so the account holder needs to check with customer service. 


Just to note mms messages are not part of the tariff text allowances and are charged for. 


If this isn't the case then the sim maybe failing to which any Vodafone store can sim swap to replace it. 


Is he able to test the sim in another phone as a process of elimination to rule out the phone at fault. 


2: Seeker

Thanks for your thoughts. The texts that aren't getting through are just text. I didn't realise it might be a problem with the sim - think we'll have to pop into a store this weekend.


Thank you.

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17: Community Champion

You're welcome. 


It may also help checking your masts via the network Checker link. 


Also mast congestion maybe causing issues where lots of people access the masts at approx the same time. Sometimes rebooting the phone by turning it off and on can help. 


Vodafone has a Network Template to help too. 




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