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Trasfering photos & videos from LG GT400 to PC

1: Seeker


As I am selling an old handset (LG GT400) i want to transfer my photos and videos from it to my PC.

I have downloaded the media suite and connecting with a USB cable but I can't seem to get the PC to find the phone. It makes a noise that sound like it connects on both the phone and the PC but doesn't show as another drive or anything. I have tried it set as PC suite through the phone settings and also as mass storage. When it is set as mass storage it says it needs a micro SD card which I don't have. It doesn't seem to find my wifi either for me to send them via email. 

I am on windows 10 which often seems to cause problems with anything older so can anyone suggest anything?



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@Issym Your computer may have multiple USB ports for you to try - have you tested your cable in each one?

Do you have another USB cable? This would help to see if there's an issue with a faulty cable. 

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