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USB modem problem

1: Seeker

my vodafone modem k3770z...

enable problem... but i try enable click but not work...

how to solve this problem...

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17: Community Champion

Hello @jeyakumar



Are you using Windows 10 ? If so please read the important information in this link. 


Mobile Broadband Software for Windows 10


 Windows 7 Link > Mobile Broadband Software for Windows 7


A few further questions if I may.  


Has the device worked before ?

Is this a new dongle ?

Is the Sim Card Activated?

Do you have enough Data to connect ?

Is your Network Signal Ok. Check here > Official Vodafone Network Checker.

Are drivers up to date on your computer or required ones downloaded ?

Have you tried the device in another computer?

Are any firewalls or security suites tweaked to allow the devices access ?


Help link > Mobile-Wi-Fi-and-data-dongles/I've-just-got-a-new-data-dongle-How-do-I-get-started.




Vodafone Customer Services Contact Us Options.

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