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Vodafone Connect router does not work with windows 7 Homegroup

1: Seeker

Since upgrading to Vodafone Fibre from my previous supplier where I used my own modem/router, I cannot get Windows 7 to enable my Homegroup and the system reports 'No connections available' in the networking box which shows a red cross over the icon for the same reason. All other functions are working, I can get to the internet, send/recieve emails etc. but the problem is that without the Homegroup other machines cannot access mine and vice versa. My machine is directly connected to the router and the others are all connecting via WiFi.


The issue seems to centre around the fact that the network is set to Public and Windows won't allow me to change this as it doesn't recognise the device (i.e. the Vodafone Router) as being connected. If I look under Network Infrastructure it correctly shows the router as Vodafone Connect but warns me (top of page) that "This computer is not connected to a network". Likewise the network map feature does not show a complete map for the same reasons.


Having done my research, I have exhausted all the suggestions I have found so far (such as ensuring various services are running, ensuring IPV6 is enabled, checking various registry entries, turning off all Firewalls, AV etc. etc.) so I'm hoping someone else will have come across this issue and, more importantly, have solved it.


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@GJD0496 We do allow the use of third party routers, so you may also be able to use your own router with our broadband connection, as I can see you've stated you used to do this with your old provider. 

You're able to call 08080 034 515 for broadband support (free from all UK landlines and mobiles) with lines open between 8am and 11pm, seven days a week. Our teams will be able to go through troubleshooting with yourself and assist you further. 

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