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Vodafone fibre..(strange one)

4: Newbie
I've vodafone fibre installed and its connected to my phone, fire tv box and chrome book.
But it when i try to connect to my windows 10 laptop it doesn't see the vodafone network, it sees bt networks in the street, Ive disabled the network card and used a usb wifi adapter but this still cannot see the vodaphone network.
Can anyone shed some light on this?
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17: Community Champion

That is a very odd one @Shokk!


Have you tried plugging the laptop in with a cable? Does is get a connection that way?

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Community Champion (Retired)

I've yet to have a look around the interface for a VF router, but are you able to log into it's web page (either using a different device, or with a cable from your laptop) and see if there's any wireless broadcast settings.


If it's set to AC (2.4+5ghz) try changing to just 2.4 and see if the laptop can then see it (i've no idea if that is actually an option, but seems to make sense that the laptop isn't able to see whatever the router is outputting)

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4: Newbie
On a cable the laptop can connect.
Only wireless is affected.
Also my fire tv box could see the network but then couldn't, again it could see other networks.
I contacted vodafone and I was told to do this.
Open router go to wifi/settings/ bandwith to 20/40mhz and channel 6 on 2.4ghz.
On 5ghz 20/40/80mhz channel 44.
Once i done this the fire tv box could see the vodafone network and connect .
My laptop still couldn't see the network.
But here's the strange thing.
The guy who helped me (thx btw) said there was a known problem with certain laptops connecting to the vodafone router.
And a firmware update was being worked on.
For me the primary use of a router is to connect to my laptop.
I find it strange that this has not been addressed.
The laptop is a hp one, it can see all other networks in my local area apart from my vodafone one.
I've even put it back to factory settings..
Disabled onboard wifi and used a usb wifi dongle.
It used to work but stopped, i think it must be something to do with a incompatibility with windows 10 updates, hp hardware and the vodaphone router.
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17: Community Champion

I don't want to blame HP for this one but I've had endless problems with HP laptops and WiFi not working correctly!

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4: Newbie
Well tbh , Ive never had a problem like this lol
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17: Community Champion

To be fair @Shokk if the laptop picks up other networks there's no reason it shouldn't pick up the Vodafone one... unless the Vodafone one is faulty of course...

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4: Newbie
Well that's what i think.
But vodafone seem reluctant to send me a new router.
I'm reinstalling the laptop now.
I might put the router back to factory settings.
I think it's the router because 2 wireless card (usb and a built in one) can't see the network.
I have a brand new router here but vodafone wont give me the details to enter into the router.
I keep trying them but at the end of my contract looks like I'll have to move.
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