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AW 60Gb Data Offer

3: Seeker

Two months ago decided to leave sky and join Vodafone due to Apple Watch support. 


Went in store and was promised I would get it within 2 weeks. Paid upfront fees. Was promised 60Gb data. After 3 weeks found my order was cancelled. Promised new order open and delivery within 3 days. Nothing. It’s now been almost 7 weeks and was told only getting it next year (another 10 weeks). Told I was going to buy it from Apple, fair enough, asked about 60Gb and if I would get it still. Was promised so. Today I bought Apple Watch and Vodafone saying offer is no available... Spoke with 2 reps who are absolutely clueless, one just kept asking for the watch ID to activate it and didn’t want to check the offer. The other didn’t understand anything and just wanted me to re order the watch with Vodafone. Spoke with a third one who said not available anymore? Absolutely disappointed. Not one straight honest answer. Just lies into signing into their network. Anyone has heard anything or any luck with this offer?

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17: Community Champion

Hello @JalvesUK


That's not good at all ?

We as consumers make informed decisions based on info given. 

Sometimes things do go wrong which I'm sure many accept. 

It's then down to how this is put right which instils confidence back into the product and services. 

Did the agents confirm the offer in writing which is crucial ?

I appreciate from what you write that you've possibly exhausted going through Customer services. 

Perhaps let the Vodafone Social Media Teams here catch up with your thread to see if they can help you. 

I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your reply.


This all started when I walked into the store and was assured that the Apple Watch would arrive soon up to a maximum of two weeks. I question the staff if there was any chance it could take longer since I was willing to just buy it outright from Apple and their answer was "no". Had I known it would only arrive next year I would have definitely not ordered from Vodafone.


While I understand this entire AW fiasco to be on Apple's side every time I call Vodafone I don't seem to get a straight answer. Instead, I am told lies such as it will arrive next Thursday or within 3 days, and reps cancelling my order for my benefit. 


I have contacted Vodafone complaints number and instead, I was met with sarcasm and incompetence. I was told that the agents would get retrained but they couldn't help me until the AW arrives, next year.


The money I paid up front, it wasn't much, but since they are not delivering it I want it back. Unfortunately, although I have a receipt, Vodafone has no trace of this payment and refuse to refund me. Now, after 2 hours on the phone, I am told I need to go deal with it in store. Will be my 5th trip to the store and hopefully won't be as fruitless as the previous ones.


As for the offer, no, I don't have it in writing as dumb me fell for the in-store agent lies, it seems. Although, later, an agent on the phone confirmed the offer, and later another one denied it, but Vodafone does record calls, don't they.


Last but not least, since the day I joined Vodafone I can't use My Vodafone services and after hours on the phone, I am still not able to check My Vodafone information, whether it's on the app or online.


I was on O2 for 8 years and later moved to Sky when it opened, and have decided to move to Vodafone due to the AW support seems to have been a really big mistake. I feel like I have exhausted several channels and I am falling into this pit.

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17: Community Champion

You're very welcome for my reply. 


No, not all calls are recorded @JalvesUK and those that are will typically be retained for 60 days. 

I asked if you had the offer in writing as this would have lended weight to what was offered.

That said an offer can be rescinded at any time until it's taken up and in place. 

Sometimes it appears an agent oversteps their authority to give offers they shouldn't. 

It could also be that the offer had been placed in your account notes which is where the other agents were reading it from. 

Unfortunately with most Apple Product launches there are delays due to supply and demand which seems to be the norm.  :Sad_face:

Wether that's Apple not supplying enough units or the networks taking orders on the devices and don't have enough devices coming into stock to satisfy those orders being the issue. 

When you questioned the Vodafone in-house staff on stock they are going to try and retain your business as that's what they are there for but imo should have been a little more conservative when replying about stock availability. 

How did you make the payment ?

If by card then you could also speak with the Bank card issuer for the refund to be pushed through if the Vodafone Highstreet Store are unable to help. However as you state you have a receipt I can't fathom why they they couldn't deal with the refund. 

In regards to Porting to Vodafone and your Myvodafone. 

When did the port happen?

I'm Assuming your definitely on a Pay Monthly Contract and not a Business Account as the Myvodafone App will not work on a Business Account but that said it should work with your online Myvodafone none the less. 

Customer service should be able to remedy this to be honest unless the port in was recent and Vodafone Systems are still settling in regards to the porting in files. 

I hope someone takes hold of this and owns it to an amicable resolution for you. 

Certainly not a good Experience for a new customer indeed !

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3: Seeker

 @BandOfBrothers (how do I tag your name?)


Thank you once more. 


The porting happened in the second week of October. It was done within a few hours. I've considered this to be the problem as well, I've mentioned to them as well, my account is filled with notes but nothing gets done.


I should be on a Pay Monthly Contract but what you are saying regarding a Business Account makes a bit of sense to me now. While on the phone with CS yesterday I was told my account was registered as a Business Account (as a sole trader?!) but I've no idea why and it baffles me that you have this knowledge yet Vodafone CS is clueless and doesn't realise this is potentially causing an issue. As for the Business Account, could it be that I applied for the Vodafone Employee Advantage Scheme?


Regarding my AW order, I get what you are saying, I understand Apple can be a bit "greedy" with their stock as they profit more, but why is there no Vodafone statement, why are instore staff and CS agents insisting that I'll get it here and there when they have absolutely no clue? A bit of honesty would have made me go somewhere else and would have stopped me from selling my previous AW.


And yes, I agree, more than once I've been given offers by agents that were not available, this has happened to me with Sky, and later their manager told me they couldn't honour that offer but as a gesture of goodwill would partial give me the offer, instead of a 70% discount they would give me 45 because I was lead into signing a product based on a lie. Instead, from Vodafone, I am met with sarcasm.


As for the payment, the instore staff coerced me into withdraw money and pay cash as this would "make the entire process quicker". When I first asked for a receipt he said he wouldn't be able to but promised me not to worry. Only two weeks later I was able to get the receipt from the manager.

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17: Community Champion

Using the @ option to tag can only be used at this time by Vodafone Social Media Teams and Community Champions @JalvesUK

So The Porting In files should then be fully settled due to the time it all occurred. 

If your on a Business Plan then the Myvodafone App will never work however your Online Myvodafone should. That's something Customer Services need to remedy. 

They should also look into why your on a Business Plan if your not wanting to be on one i.e it's an error that requires resolving. 

Did you go directly with Vodafone UK or via an independent to open up your contract may I ask ?

Regarding the instore payments > It may have been that they were having issues with their card payments in the store - just guessing ! 

However it's not good business practices to not supply a receipt for goods / services paid for in cash in a store and as such if this was my situation I wouldn't have left the shop without one or instead left without completing the transaction.

As you have a valid receipt they shouldn't be able to refuse imo. 

Look at the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


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Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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3: Seeker

I don't know why I am on a Business Account, I just know what was told me by the last agent I spoke with. 


I  walked into the local Offical Vodafone Store, so I am pretty positive that's is Vodafone UK, yes, and not something like Carphone Warehouse.


Their card payment terminals were fine, in fact, there is a sign saying they are not allowed to take cash as payments. I did question, but he told me either he would take 3 or 4 hours to create my account so I should pay cash so he could deal with it later instead of me having to wait all this time. Have in mind I do work so couldn't really afford another hour or more in store.


Besides, it's all easier said than done. I trusted because Vodafone is a big brand, and this is the Official Store. Some reason I initially believed their lies. You would expect a higher level of professionalism.

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17: Community Champion

If the store had the Vodafone Brandname over its door etc then Yes it will be a Vodafone Highstreet Store.

I would then certainly get further clarification your actually on a Business Account but as your myvodafone app won9t work that seems to point towards you are. 

I'm not a Vodafone employee and thus do not have access to Vodafone Systems but I've got to raise an eye brow and challenge that it takes 3-4 hours to create an account / open up a contract. 

I've no explanation why the employee would suggested this. Can you imagine how many people would walk away if it took that long to create / open up a contract !

It just does not sit right in my opinion.

It appears that person may have chosen the wrong contract type ! I'd certainly ask them to remedy that. 


Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @JalvesUK


I have been following this thread and have picked up on some points you have raised.


As the Apple Watch is a complimentary device to your iphone and shares the minutes, texts and data of your Vodafone consumer iphone plan with it's own connection, I am not sure how Vodafone could have put you on a business tariff or offered 60GB data, without you already being on a eligible consumer iphone plan this would not be possible.


There is further information on this link: Apple Watch Deals from Vodafone If you choose a plan and click on see more detail, there is also additional information.


From what you have written, if you were not on an eligible iphone plan with Vodafone, the store would not have been in a position to sell the watch and the order was cancelled.


It is also surprising the store did not issue a receipt for your cash, this should have automatically been generated by the till at the time.


However, this is going to need further investigation from the forum team to find exactly what has happened and get you on the correct tariff.  


Lets hope you are able to get this sorted, at least by coming to the forum you have come to the correct place. 


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3: Seeker

I don’t think you quite get it. But I also understand that it might be hard to understand because this is has been both stressful and hard for me to understand as well.


First, I would like to address the iPhone plan issue. I own an iPhone 7 and I was on a plan with sky. I moved to Vodafone for a few reasons but the main one was the recent support for Apple Watch Series 4.


I was excited so I bit the bullet and ported myself over but I also explained instore that the sole reason was to get the Apple Watch. They sold me in store the monthly plan contract and put an order for the Apple Watch series 4. They also sold me the idea that when I would connect the Apple Watch I would get free 60Gb allowance on the watch alone. Was coerced into paying cash because it would take long to deal with everything. No receipt.


I can share with you the orders numbers if you wish. 


A few days later my phone was not working, it hadn’t been ported yet because the line they gave me was no good. No AW ordered because there was no sign of payment.


Went back in store re did everything got new SIM card new number and still number not ported. Spoke with the manager and got the receipt, finally. At least that.


Contacted CS and number was ported within few hours, all good. Found out my AW order was pending due to no contract with Vodafone. CS redone that order. 


Called after two weeks since I was assured instore I would get it within that time period. Lady on the phone told me that order was no good. To cancel it and re order it and she would make sure I would get it in three days. I got messages from Vodafone confirming  this.


3 days after, surprise surprise, nothing. Instead I get a text with nothing new. Called CS and was told the agent was wrong and she had cancelled my order and not re order anything. Put new order and told 1 week. After 1 week called sales department and was told to either wait 10 weeks or buy from somewhere else. Asked about 60Gb it would be honoured on the wherever I bought the watch as long as I conntected to my phone and Vodafone contract.


Last weekend, contact Vodafone, bought Apple Watch from Apple, and no one has a clue about this offer. Can’t  do anything. 


Complain about My VODAFONE APP not working. She sees the notes it’s there from the 15th November when I complained about it. She has no clue but she is surprised I am on a business account, I dispute that, she has no clue why. I complained about employee program for 15% off and she says I never apply for it. I dispute that, she looks at the notes, it’s there. She applies discount. Cancels the AW open order but can’t refund my money. Better go instore I am advised. 


No AW, No 60Gb, No Employee Program, No refund. Nothing seems to work out right. 

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17: Community Champion

Yes @JalvesUK its a difficult one for sure.


As mentioned, the Team here on the forum will get to the thread and find out exactly what has happened.

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3: Seeker

Thank you @AnnS. 


I've some update. I went to the same store yesterday. I asked to speak with the manager and after I explained everything (again) he sent to this agent to deal with the issues. 


First, I was told that while it was true that old business accounts stop you from using My Vodafone that's no longer the case with newer business accounts. When I questioned why was I on a business account he said that it didn't really matter and that wasn't causing any issues. He gave me an example of another staff who owns a business, has a business account and can use My Vodafone.


He suggested my online account needs to be deleted entirely, but he can't do this, we sit with technical support live chat but no agent shows up, he says it's Sunday, so I give up. Still can't use My Vodafone app, will wait and call tomorrow, but not really hopeful.


He confirms that employees scheme discount is now active.


Regarding my refund, at first he didn't believe me, the paperwork I give him wasn't really a receipt, go figure, and after I stressed out he went to check CCTV and found out I indeed paid cash. I questioned, he said more than likely on that day they were working on "contingency" so although they are a cashless store the agent just wanted to "help you". 


Got it refunded as credit, better than nothing at this point.


He connected my Apple bought AW and said it would take a few days to connect. When I set it up something went wrong so it wasn't working. Signed a monthly contract for the AW. 


When questioned about the 60Gb offer he said it was only available in the start when I first ordered, that I should have gotten with the watch ordered from Vodafone or that I should have gotten on my old apple watch series 3. I questioned this. He agrees that I should get this offer but can do nothing. Apparently, only a superuser can make such changes and they have got none in store. Makes a note on my account saying I should get an offer. Tells me to wait for his phone call Tuesday or Wednesday for when the watch is activated and then he would pass me onto whatever department and that they should be able to apply the 60Gb offer. I have heard all of this before so I will wait and see, sceptical.

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I'm sorry to hear you've had this kind of experience with us @JalvesUK. Please let us know if everything was sorted on the call the adviser made this week?

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3: Seeker

Thank you for your reply, Mark.

Unfortunately, frustration only builds up further.

Surprise, surprise, it is now Wednesday, and the instore staff who told he would call back Tuesday or Wednesday by 13.00 PM the latest since I explained to him I start work at 14.00 still hasn't given me the courtesy call.

My apple bought AW is still not activated yet? (No Data Plan ) either and now a new number has been added to my account which is different to the one I signed for in the order form... I call CS and the number on my contract that I got in store is not even assigned to anything, they just can't find it. Guess why? I have an apple watch series 4 already active?!

After requesting cancellation twice on the phone, and once instore and being assured that my Vodafone apple watch series 4 order was cancelled and refund was given and without any warning, DPD is now delivering the order today.  I find it funny that Vodafone was ok to cancel my previous order without my consent but now with my consent, they weren't able to cancel it on time?!

Now, I need to get the watch tomorrow, return and pray that the store won't mess up and will actually record the return, wait another 7 working days until my watch can be activated. That if nothing goes wrong again.

On another note, after hours on the phone with CS I still can't use the My Vodafone App or My Vodafone tab on my account either. At least now the agent admits he can't access it either on his end. They refuse to just delete the entire online account so I can register again and see if it works.  Instead, they keep creating new accounts, I've at least 2 active online accounts at this point (a sane person would think this creates even more confusion to the system). And their solution seems to be "this needs to be escalated" but here I am. 

I've been on the phone with Vodafone for over an hour every day for the past week and nothing gets resolved, that can't be normal.

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I'm disappointed to hear you've not received the requested callback @JalvesUK. I'mk sure we'll be able to get both your Apple Watch and My Vodafone queries sorted. As we'll need access to your account do this, please get in touch by following the instructions in this private message.

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