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Account number on Mobile App

2: Seeker

Is there anywhere we can see our Mobile number on the iOS Mobile app? Been looking for ages and can’t find it!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Burakiosaurus  in the title you say account number but then ask about your mobile number?


using the new app, open it and mobile number is shown top right of screen. 

To view account number click on account icon bottom left. 

I have tried attached 2 screenshots to try and show you but the system isn't letting me?

I am using an iPhone 8. 

Edit 2 screenshots now attached 


2: Seeker

Hi There, 


It's definitely the Account Number I am after, sorry for the confusion.


I have the latest Vodafone App on iOS (iPhone XS Max) and my App homepage is not the same as the one you have posted. I cannot find the account number anywhere on the App. It is so badly designed.


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@Burakiosaurus I'm sorry to hear you feel this way about your My Vodafone App, have you downloaded the latest version? If so, you'll notice the layout has recently changed and your Vodafone account number should be displayed under the 'My Account' option. It will then show you your account number and your service underneath 🙂 Hope this has helped clear things up for you.

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