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Apple Watch 4 with “free” data.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I purchased an Apple Watch Series 4 back in December and at the time nobody from Vodafone bothered to mention that it came with 40GB of data. I only found out when I checked the MyVodafone app. When I called, the 191 advisor told me that it was free with the phone. That didn’t feel right (the advisor who sold me the watch would have mentioned that, surely) so I called back and I was told that 40GB was built in to the cost of the contract- therefore NOT free. I spoke to another advisor (and her rude as heck manager) who confirmed that I was never told about the data and that they would get it cancelled (an offer that was later retracted by the rude manager). When I wrote an email to complain about misspelling. I got a reply from an “customer relations” advisor who offered the usual insincere “sorry about this *insert empty promise here*”. She took five days to tell me that the data was free.


This still does not sit right with me. Maybe I shouldn’t be looking gift horses in the mouth but I cannot see Vodafone giving away large amounts of data, especially when TWO advisors have told me the data isn’t free and one of them have agreed I was mis-sold a product.


The lack of decent customer service with Vodafone is absolutely staggering and I am *this* close to pulling all of my services with them- regardless of the termination fees.


Has anyone had similar difficulties in relation to their Apple Watch?


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

When I was using the Apple Watch plan, it said it came with an additional 60GB data, but in reality it just used your normal allowance, and there was no sign of the 60GB data, so you were paying £5 a month to use data you were already paying for. I cancelled the plan after the free 6 months was up.

But is it inbuilt in to the price of the plan? I’m paying £24 a month (£29 as of June). I struggle to believe that Vodafone would give away 40GB of data for free. Nobody I’ve spoken to on 191 can give me a consistent answer.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry there's some confusion over your plan @Mikey1701 and I'd be happy to get this sorted for you. As I'll need access to your account to do this, please send me your details securely by following the instructions in this private message.

There has been no confusion. Only lies.


Ever since I joined Vodafone, I have been repeatedly lied to, mis-sold products and treated with absolutely no respect.


This fiasco with the Apple Watch has been the  last straw for me.

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

It's disappointing to hear you've had this experience with us @Mikey1701 and I appreciate you frustration. I'd love the opportunity to turn this around for you and help get your Apple Watch up and running, as soon as possible. As soon as you've sent your details over to us, we'll be sure to help you the best we can in order to get this sorted.

My watch is up and running.... that isn’t the issue.

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

We want to make sure you're on the correct plan after the confusion that's been caused @Mikey1701. Once you've submitted your details to us, you'll receive an automated email with a unique reference number. A member of our team will be in touch shortly, thanks for your patience.