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Apple Watch Connection Issue

3: Seeker

Like everyone else. Many phone calls to vf and I’m getting nowhere. The Watch app on my phone says my account is not eligible to enable mobile data on my watch.

ive even upgraded my plan to make sure that isn’t the issue and still a problem. Vf say everything seems ok at their end. Why on earth is this soooo difficult. Very frustrated with the lack of knowledge by the vf team. 

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@gillydent - I’m sorry you’re facing the issues getting your Apple Watch working. We can double check everything from our side. Please send us your details by following the instructions in this private message.

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2: Seeker

My Watch app gives the same message...Vodafone uk account not eligible to enable cellular on your Apple Watch. Watch says No cellular plan. My Vodafone account says the one number shared account is set up. 

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@Jalewis3 We'll need to check your account on our end to have a look into how the Apple Watch is set up and if any changes need to be made. So we're able to securely access your details, please get in touch using the link in my private message

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