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Apple Watch working!

4: Newbie

I actually have had my Apple Watch working for the past month, shock/horror! 🙂


however i I need to change my iPhone, so I need to unpair my watch, save the watch data plan and then restore on the new iPhone.


Has anyone actually done this successfully? Very worried this might set me back to square one with no Apple Watch with cellular!

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@logib I'm glad to see your Apple Watch has been working successfully. There shouldn't be a problem switching these over as it's paired through the SIM card. If you put your existing SIM in the new iPhone and pair, everything should work as normal. If you come across any complications or have any questions, just pop a post back on this thread and we'll be sure to help out 🙂

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4: Newbie

Please write here how did you do that. Thousands of VF customers are waiting for solution

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2: Seeker

Mine started working too, after 2 or 3 weeks. I must admit that I called them regularly and wasted a few hours of my life with them, I even tried the crazy idea of waiting my turn in a store for more than an hour.

But what worked was when one of the support tech said he would call me again and again to check if they fixed it. Each time, I answered  "no, it still doesn't work", and he called the right service again, until they fixed it.


Thank you Mohammed.


I simply wonder if it's normal to have also a line under the "not in use" section, in the watch app (see the image I attached). They assure me it's alright and I won't be charged £5 more after the 6 months. 


I am also trying to get a compensation because I was promised the 20GB for buying it with the iPhone XS, but because they are separated by 1 month, now they says no. And no compensation for the hours spent on the phone with them.

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