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Apple watch not supported on Vodafone

2: Seeker

Reposting this for the 3rd time since Vodafone keeps deleting my post...


I signed a 1 year pay monthly contract (for my phone and apple watch) on 10 Feb. Was easy to do. 

All problems started when I ported my number and tried using the service. My apple watch read clearly "network: Vodafone UK;  status: no connection". I contaced your customer services team for the first time on 14 Feb and have been in touch every single day for the past 9 days. Some days I have contacted you twice a day. Every time I had to speak to a new agent that had no clue what had happened previously..


My top 3 quotes from your customer services team so far:


  • "We have been experiencing issues at our end for the past 2 days we apologise. Please wait 24hours and all will be working" when I said to another agent that I have been told the above they replied: "There were no technical issues in the past week.They must have lied to you."
  • An agent on the chat suggest a watch reset + removing all data plans from the settings in the watch. I perform the reset, I no longer see "network: Vodafone UK; status: no connection" instead I see "Set Up Mobile Data" but it's greyed out with a warning message "Your vodafone uk account is not eligible to enable mobile data on your apple watch. Contact Vodafone UK on 191 for more information". Now on the Vodafone app which is also patchy (and it gives a bunch of error messages since I joined Vodafone)  it says I am not eligible for the ONE number service I am paying for. The agent on the chat that got me in this mess now says "I am not able to help you from my end here. Please call 191". I call 191 and they have no history of what has happened so far and are clueless to help further. Tell me to wait another 24 hours.
  • Somewhere along the lines an agent performs a SIM swap which should take 24hours. Another agent tells me "You have requested a SIM swap I can't help you until that is complete in 24 hours" It is actually been 4 days since the SIM swap was initiated.
  • After explaining for the 100th time what the problem is "Aha. I know exactly what the problem is. I will have to cancel the SIM swap since it is stuck. Unfortunately the other department that deals with this are not working at the moment. I will call you tomorrow and I will sort it out for you. My shift starts at 12noon". I don't get a call back so I call myself at 6pm. I ask to speak with Dan since he seemed the most confident agent so far. He knows how to fix my apple watch sim problem. "I am sorry we can't connect you to a specific agent." They say they will need to wait for the SIM swap to complete which usually takes 24h but for me it's been 4 days and it is still not complete. I explain that Dan suggested that he needs to cancel the SIM swap since it's been stuck for ages and it shouldn't take so long - the new agent replied "He didn't call you did he?"
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17: Community Champion

I've seen a few posts where people are experiencing issues connecting their Apple Watch to work.

If you perform a forum search you'll see some and there might be some advice from another member that may help.

Onenumber has to be applied to an eligible tariff type and I believe there is a £7 monthly charge.

Unfortunately as there is no account access via this forum anymore a person would need to engage with the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries for that type

I wish you all the best with this situation. 


Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B.

Samsung One Ui 2.1  / Android 10.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Buds.

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3: Seeker

Hi. Did you get this resolved? It’s been 5 days for me so far. A different person every day, “Wait 24hrs” every day. Complete a Sim swap. Tell me the model number. Are you sure it’s not the Watch that’s faulty? 

im about ready to ditch Vodafone (after 20 years) and go find a service that knows what it’s doing. 

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2: Seeker

Nope! After 2 months ditched Vodafone. Same as you every time it was a different person. Now with EE everything got set up in 4 days - new sim for the iphone and the watch, ported my number etc. All working perfectly at the moment 

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Hey @JONNYCAT1, can you please message us on social media here, so we can get this working for you?

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