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Belgian with a iphone 7 vodafone uk :-(

2: Seeker

Hello iphone genius,
I live in Belgium and have in my ownership an iPhone 7 which is locked on the network Vodafone UK, I do not thus know how to "activate" my iPhone because my belgian simcard is not recognized. I thus tried a jailbreak Yalu but that does not work, I receive an error message.

I was in stores of telephone to ask if they knew how to make something but they do not know.
Thus I look for any ideas for a desimlockage or a jailbreak, thanks to you

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17: Community Champion



Jailbreaking an iPhone has nothing to do with unlocking it to work on all networks. 

 So even if you were successful it wouldn't have helped. Most of the blogs I've read has also advised to stay clear of the new jailbreak process. 


Vodafone UK will have to unlock it. 


Unfortunately that means using it on the UK Vodafone network for at least 30 days on Payg making calls and using data and sending texts. 


There is NO way to circumvent this. 


The other options are to ask the original owner to request it's unlock or send it to someone you know in the UK and they use it for 30 days on Payg and request the unlock using their payg details.   


Tip >


Once the criteria has been met....


Vodafone will send you an email confirming the unlock have been requested. They then contact Apple to request the actual Unlock. 

The iPhone is not typically unlocked at this stage. 


It can then take Apple another 20-30 days approximately to complete the actual unlock. 


Pop in an active non Vodafone sim card in this timeframe periodically to complete the unlocking. From the iPhone 5 onwards it's not always necessary to hook up to iTunes to complete the unlocking.


An iPhone is not unlocked by a code you key in. You should see some form of pop up message confirming it's unlocked if hooked up to iTunes. 



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Thank you for these sad news ;-)

Well, I have buy a vodafone simcard on ebay just now, i suppose i can use it from Belgium but when you say that I have to "use" it during 30 days, does it mean that if i send a text everyday for one month i can ask vodafone to unlock it after that??

once again thank you for your help, i thought it was more easy to unlock actually...


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17: Community Champion



Sorry to not have been able to give you better news. 


Even if you have a Vodafone UK Payg sim card sent to you this most probably will not resolve this. 


Firstly the Payg sim cards are sent out Un Activated so need to be activated by Vodafone U.K Customer Service which may be difficult as your not in terms UK. 


More importantly it states the phone has to be used on the UK Vodafone Network. 


You won't be trying to use it on the UK Vodafone Network but instead roaming. 


Also it's a good possibility that roaming won't also be activated on the Payg sim card that's sent out. 


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17: Community Champion

Sorry I omitted to answer one of your queries. 


Using it for 30 days on the Vodafone UK Network does not mean sending a text or making a call or using data every day. 


It means by using those services above throughout the 30 days allows the imei number of the iPhone to be latched to the new payg Vodafone UK account so the unlocking can be processed. 


Help link on Unlocking a phone and Vodafone UK > Unlocking-your-phone-NUC/


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