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Change preorder

4: Newbie

Hi - on friday i ordered the iphone 12 64gb and all went smoothly. I am now of two minds wishing i went for the iphone 12 pro instead. Tried msging customer service and said there is no way to change the preorder - is that true? It seems weird i cant just cancel one and reorder id have to wait till the phone arrives then return it??? Then im at mercy of a week later stock + having to go instore or something in current situations i bet the queue will be massive?

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5: Helper

You’d need to cancel the pre-order and reorder the new handset.


Alternatively you could try and wait until the pre-order is delivered and then under the 30 day returns swap it out. The Pro isn’t likely to be in stock soon so not sure how that would even work. 

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Hey @jht87 I can understand your dilemma, both phones look amazing! As @garetbe said, you wouldn't be able to change your pre-order now, but you would be able to cancel your current order and submit another for the iPhone 12 pro. Remember, your previous order will need to be wiped from your account before your new one can be raised. As this can take up to 24 hours to complete, you'll need to do this before Thursday if you want to submit your new order on Friday 23 October when the 12 pro is available for pre-order.

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