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Corrupted LET Setup details and excessive data charges

2: Seeker

I share an account with my wife who has a Iphone SE using IOS12.1.1. She has a pay monthly contract with Vodafone and has never needed extra mobile data. Suddenly in mid November, she is using massive amounts of mobile date and we incurred £331 of data charges. No App seemed to explain the usage and when the phone was used and the data costs incurred she was not using the phone. There seemed to be no background activity to explain the charge.  She has not changed her browsing habits. When I looked at the mobile data network settings in the LTE setup (optional) section, there were abnormal entries (photo enclosed) but saying APN "you usher uintaite elmv" username "crysxy" Password "...."

I have deleted these settings and have no idea how they could have happened by accident.

My questions are whether these settings could somehow have caused excessive data usage, the phone somehow wanting to connect to a different server and also the slightly paranoid question as to whether there is a malicious attack on the phone

With thanks, Simon Rains


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16: Advanced member

@Beredens - Thanks for sending over the image of the settings. This wouldn’t have affected the bill. As your wife wasn’t using the phone at the time when the charges were incurred, there must have been an app or something running in the background. You can check what apps have used the most data by going through the following:

  1. Settings
  2. Mobile Data
  3. Then scroll down to see what apps are on the phone and how much they’re using

Please let us know if you need any further help in the future.

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2: Seeker

Thanks Gemma, I accept your explanation but it will remain a mystery which application or background process caused this massive date usage. Only Dropbox and Photos transfer to iCloud showed any cumulative data use enough to explain the amount but neither showed any evidence of activity during the periods of data usage. We will just have to move on.

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