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Do Apps like spotify plus Affect my Device Performance ?

2: Seeker

Hello, i want to know that if 3rd-party app installers like [Removed] affect the performance of my iOS device. They don't jailbreak the device and hence do not play with the internal iOS files, so I m am not very concerned about the security aspect as i am sure Apple OS takes care of itself.


However, these apps seem to take advantage of Apple developer features allowing admin access ( i might be wrong on this ) allowing modified app installs. I want to know, does this slow down my device like using excess ram, storage, unoptimized files bloating the system. I really don't want my iPhone to slow down.

 [MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove off topic please see Community Guidelines]

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17: Community Champion

In my own experience the act of jailbreaking an iPhone does not slow it down @Almhdy 


It's then the tweaks from Cydia that can clash with each other or have badly written coding.


Apps available via the Apple App Store shouldn't slow anything down as they have been fully vetted by Apple before they allow them there.


For this I'd suggest to keep to the sanctity of the App Store.


Sometimes the risk can outweigh the benefits as sometimes a person isn't aware what's been written into apps like these.


Vodafone wouldn't comment or support such a move and neither would Apple in my opinion.


A Google Search maybe your friend here and perhaps perform a search on MacRumors and or join and leave a post.



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