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Esim Live Chat get your s... together Vodafone!!

2: Seeker

No comments, just live chat transcript:


Vodafone : Thanks for choosing to chat with us. Your query is Esim. An agent will be with you shortly.
D : Hi is there esim for iPhone now available
D : ?
Puneet : Hello D :Smiling:
Puneet : How are you?
D : excellent
Puneet : Great to know :Smiling:
Puneet : Could you please confirm the series of your iPhone?
D : XS max
Puneet : Thanks for confirming.
Puneet : eSIM is previously installed in iPhone XS max and you just need to activate this .
Puneet : I will assist you to activate this for you.
Puneet : I am sending you the link for this and guide for the activation.
Puneet : The link is :
D : This guide is for apple watch
Puneet : Please open the link and select pay monthly from there and then select activate e SIM
D : I don’t think you got what I am asking
D : i have a physical sim currently
D : I would like to switch to an esim
D : this was not available before
D : has this become available or does it remain unavailable
Puneet : I understand this D and I am assisting you for the same.
D : Let’s look at the options
D : in pay monthly it has order a replacement sim
D : activate physical sim
D : or onenumber
D : which is the correct option for the task at hand?
Puneet : You can do it from your online account as well by following these steps : Account settings > Swap your SIM > Go to eSIM swap.
D : can you go the that part of the guide please and read what the first sentence says?
D : I am quoting to you: If you’ve received a replacement Apple Watch, you can activate your service using My Vodafone
D : this seems to imply to me that this is a guide to activate an esim swap for Apple Watch
Puneet : I have checked this again for you .
Puneet : You can activate your replacement eSIM by logging into your My Vodafone account and going to Account settings > Swap your SIM > Go to eSIM swap.
D : Ok, can you please help me walk through this guide in this case?
D : step by step
Puneet : Sure.
Puneet : Do you have access to your Vodafone online account?
D : yes
Puneet : Open My Vodafone App and go to Account Settings.
D : done
Puneet : You will get the option for Swap your SIM on near bottom of the page.
Puneet : Please select that.
D : Done
Puneet : Now go to Go to eSIM swap
D : when I go to swap your sim it gives me a choice of phone number to switch
D : There is no esim swap here
Puneet : So please select the number you wish to swap for eSim
D : I picked the number got the sms and I put it in
D : after that it is asking me for the sim number (not esim) that I would like to use
D : “Enter the SIM number you’d like to use”
D : And a physical sim is shown on the picture on the right
D : Is this correct?
Puneet : Yes. This is correct.
Puneet : Now please enter the SIM serial number printed on the back side of the SIM.
D : Do you mean the one I currently use?
Puneet : Yes. The one you currently use.
D : ok just a second
Puneet : Sure. Take your time.
Puneet : I am here for you.
D : Please check and try againThis SIM number is already in use with this mobile number. If you are experiencing problems please try restarting your device. If you continue to experience problems, please get in touch.
D : Clearly it is asking for a sim number of a new physical sim
D : to swap from one physical sim to another
Puneet : Let me check it again for you.
D : Ok
D : ?
Puneet : Thanks for your time and patience.
Puneet : I have checked this for you again and this is how it was done before.
Puneet : And I really apologize that you are facing issue to sort this.
D : I do not believe that you are correct as esim on Vodafone was never offered on iPhone but only on Apple Watch. I wanted to check if this has changed now
Puneet : However, we have a dedicated team for this on 08080 408 408 . So please contact the dedicated and they will surely sort this for you.
D : Is it possible to get somebody senior involved in this conversation ?
D : what is the dedicated team for?
Puneet : This is the number for dedicated sales team for eSIM , so I request you to please contact 08080 408 408 and they will surely sort this out for you.
Puneet : Is there anything else I can help you with here?
D : The issue is that I believe you are giving me incorrect information and I would like the source where you are getting this from is corrected as it takes a lot of customer time and company resources to go through something where the result is clear from the beginning
D : I would like to make sure I get to a senior member of staff here
D : or somebody acknowledges to me that this chat was read and information will be corrected for future use
Puneet : I really apologize if you feel so but i am sharing the correct information with you.
D : ok, am I able to speak to a senior staff member please?
Puneet : Please confirm your full name.
D : xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Puneet : Could you confirm the 1st and 2nd digit of your PIN?
D : xx
Puneet : Brilliant!
Puneet : That matches our records! Thank you for verifying your details.
Puneet : I humbly request you to allow me a minute to discuss this with my senior.
D : Ok
Puneet : Thanks for waiting.
Puneet : I just checked it and see that if it is not activating from the sim swap link then all you have to do is call our dedicated team on 08080 408 408 and they will provide you the "one number"
And they will also help you with activating this.
Puneet : So in general your eSim will be activated.
Puneet : I also get the information that we do not used to support this before however, we have received the information a week ago from the Apple that we can issue to customers now.
D : Once again, what is the one number and why do I need it? Can you please let me know what exactly you have asked just now?
Puneet : One number is needed to activate the eSim D.
D : Ok

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15: Advanced member

Vodafone don't support eSIM on iPhones.

Why waste your time and theirs on something you know will not work?

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