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Free gift

1: Seeker

Anyone else having issues with Vodafone trying to claim your free gift they promised if you preordered the iPhone X before October 30th they j keep fobing me off 6 people telling me different things 

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17: Community Champion

There was some discussion previously about earphones ?

I think this was for the first so many Pre-Orders and availability. 

Id suggest to check the T&C’s. 

By invitation only and on orders placed between 27 and 30 October 2017. While stocks last.

Available only to the recipient of this email.

For new Vodafone customers, to be eligible you must a) complete the 'iPhone X – register your interest' form and b) purchase the iPhone X on any plan between 27 October 2017 – 30 October 2017. When purchasing the iPhone X, you must use the same details that you entered when you registered your interest.

For existing Vodafone customers, to be eligible you must upgrade the phone number referenced in your email to iPhone X on any plan between 27 October 2017 – 30 October 2017.

Limited to the first 1,000 eligible customers. Limited to one pair of AirPods per eligible customer.”



Current Phone > Samsung Note9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Duos.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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4: Newbie

Around the time my Iphone X was delivered I got a text message saying my Apple Ear Buds would be delivered around Dec 3rd abnd I would get a further text message when they are despatched.


It is now Dec 8th and I have no message or ear buds.

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2: Seeker

Not really sure how they’re working this but it seems I’ve been very lucky. I pre-ordered the iphone X on the 27th the day the pre-orders were being taken, but not until around 10pm that evening. 


I recieved my iPhone X on launch day so I was definitely fortunate there as plenty of others it seems didn’t get theirs who ordered a lot earlier than I did. 


Next on to the Airpods. Again after ordering late in the Evening on pre-order day I wasn’t expecting to be one of the first 1000 pre-orders for the Airpods. All those that were successful were to be notified on October 31st by text or email. I recieved neither so this all but confirmed to me that I’d missed out. 


But, imagine my surprise when on Wednesday morning (December 6th), I recieved a parcel through the post. Opened it up and there was Apple Airpods and a Vodafone card!!

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8: Helper

strange one this. Never recieved a text or email to say I was getting the airpods.


on the 6th, I received an email to say my airpods were on their way


7th.. they turned up!

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2: Seeker

I recieved an email to say congratulations the airpods are on the way as well, 24 hours AFTER I got them lol

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Apologies for the delay in receiving your AirPods @WillVXR - have you since had any updates on this?

Please ensure you've not received any further information via email which may have been sent to any spam or junk folders.

Please keep us updated with this.

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4: Newbie

Out of the blue I got an email saying my AirPods would be delivered the next day. I now have them thank you.

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Thanks for updating us @WillVXR!

If we can help with anything else in the future, you know where to find us 

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