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Has anyone else been charged twice for their new mobile phone by Vodafone?

1: Seeker

After waiting almost 2 months for my iPhone 7plus from Vodafone and having paid £375 up front for the privilege of waiting I now find it that Vodafone have charged me a further £379.84 for the same handset. I purchased the contract in store but have contacted their customer services via the chat line and then by telephone. I'm told that to sort it out I have to go into the store and waste more of my precious time, spend money on fuel costs, and city centre parking charges to sort out an error that Vodafone have caused - not me. Has anyone else experienced such poor customer service?

I have been denied access to speak to a manager - was told by both the chat facility and the phone facility that there are no managers available, I have now been offered a derisory £10 compensation which won't even cover the costs of car parking to sort out the problem which is of Vodafones doing. 

Isn't it theft when a company charges you for something which you have not authorised them to do?

Any help would be very grateful received.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Cvkse170



I've come across posts where a person has had the upfront cost of the handset taken from their account before it had even been dispatched, but not as far as I can remember a person being charged twice. 


You could look into checking with your own Banks Customer services to see if they can help. 


For Direct Debit issues is the Direct Debit Guarantee. 


For Card Transactions issues there is Chargeback. 


Vodafone Customer services will have supervisors that can either take a call or if they are tied up a Callback arranged. 


I appreciate it may not be convenient to pay a visit to the store and in all honesty they may ask you to contact Customer services as they do not typically deal with Account Enquiries. They are in place for opening contracts , upgrades, selling phones and accessories and topping up Payg.


If you still get caught up with this do please come back and update your thread as the Vodafone Tech Team maybe able to engage with you and try to help. 


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