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I ordered iPhone 7 plus jet black 128gb

3: Seeker
I am deaf also I joined as new member, I ordered iPhone 7 plus jet black on 7/11/16, as I been told I got txt msg sed the delivery on 8/11/16 I found out the iPhone out of stock cos it's high demand, so I need to knw when I will get it?
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17: Community Champion



Sorry to learn that your still awaiting despatch. 


I would suggest using Live Chat for further information as they have account access. 


Link below on my signature. 


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3: Seeker

Let u knw I got my iPhone 7 plus at the store. As I ordered online been cancelled!! I waited over 5 weeks 

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2: Seeker

I've been waiting around 6 weeks now...


Is there a way to find out if it has been cancelled? The tracker is on step 2, waiting, and it says 14th -> 21st December.  Yet I have heard nothing..


iPhone Plus 128GB JB

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3: Seeker

U need go to the local store ask if they can check the stock there? If yes they can cancel the order for you 

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