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I've somehow blocked withheld numbers on iOS?

4: Newbie

If anybody tries to call my iPhone (XS Max) with a withheld number, on their side, it immediately says call failed.


I have confirmed this with another phone. If I call my phone from that phone but prefix 141, the call fails instantly. In the other direction, that works just fine, but my number appears as "No Caller ID".


I have checked:


1) Blocked Contacts - There are none

2) "Silence Unknown Callers" - this is turned off (and it's not silencing them, its failing the call instantly)

3) Call Forwarding - Off

4) Call Waiting - On

5) Calls On Other Devices - Off


The settings in my Phone section are exactly the same as the other phone I am testing with, except they can receive "No Caller ID" calls, and my phone doesn't even connect them whatsoever. They don't show in my missed calls log, they don't go to voicemail, they just seemingly totally fail to connect.


As far as I can tell from a google search, Vodafone doesn't have the capability to block unknown numbers, so how have i managed to accidentally do it?

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4: Newbie

On a mad whim, I decided to remove the Amazon Alexa One-Voice calling service thing i setup like 18 months ago to test, and never ever actually used. 


I don't know why, call it a an ex-staff member hunch on siebel and conflicting services.


I did that, and now I can receive No Caller ID calls again.


So, I guess maybe thats a way to block them if you want to?


No idea what happened there but hey, i solved it and now my doctor can actually call me. (Along with a load of robocalls i guess, win some, lose some).

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Hey @scottishcheese - What an odd one! I'm glad you were able to get this sorted, the hunch paid off 😊 You know where to find us if you need anything else. For anything account specific I'd advised to get in touch with us on social media.

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