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Internet Connection Problems When Trying to access mobile app

2: Seeker

Hi - I am having problems on my iPhone 6 accessing the sky sports mobile TV app. It worked previously, however won't connect to the internet now - it says check my network connections - the sky sports app works fine, and I have tried deleting it and reinstalling the app but to no avail.

my internet connection is working fine - it doesn't work on 4 G either - please help.


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17: Community Champion

Look at any recent apps reviews to see if others are experiencing the same issue @Marcbeattie

When you delete the app from your iPhone can you also go into iTunes on a computer and delete it from your apps section there too. Because if you don't all your doing is downloading the app with it's original data / cache. 

If that does not help then if this was my situation I'd back up to iCloud and restore via iTunes but wgen setting back up choose the set up as a new device option and then download the app and try. 

If it continues not to work then you should be able to contact the App developer through the app or via email to report the bug. 


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