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Iphone 6 4g data not working

2: Seeker
When my iPhone 6 is on a 4g signal my data doesn't work at all, it works fine on 3g but nothing on 4g
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2: Seeker
And yes I am in a 4g area as it tells me it has a 4g signal just won't work with data, I have to switch it in settings to the 3g signal
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Hi @Steedy360,


So we can narrow down the cause, please try the steps in our Network Troubleshooting thread.


If you are still experiencing the issue after completing these steps, post the template with your answers here and I'll have a member of the team get back to you ASAP.

Cheers, Ben

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17: Community Champion

Look at your SIM card to ensure it says 4g on it.

Speak to customer services to have your account checked.

If your using an older SIM card you will need to get it updated via Vodaphone Store. Or have one posted to you and perform a simswap which moves your number and tariff to it.

If you have a 4g sim then As process of elimination can U try ure Sim in another 4G compatible phone 2 rule out either the Sim/Phone which may be at fault.

If an alternative phone does not take a nano sim then you can obtain plastic sim adapters from network shops which temporary make it into a standard or Micro sim.

If the alternative phone works on 4G with your sim then if you have a local  store book yourself in with their Genius Bar via

Hope you get this resolved asap. 😎


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4: Newbie

In addition to the posts above have you had a look at the Vodafone Coverage Checker for issues/maintenance in your area?



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1: Seeker
I am also not able to use Vodafone 4g in my iPhone 6
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17: Community Champion



  • Is 4G set to On in your iPhone. Settings > Mobile data > Enable 4G > Select Voice & Data. 
  • Are you in a 4G area. 
  • Do you get 4G connection anywhere ?
  • Can you try your Sim Card in another phone as a process of elimination to rule out the phone or sim card that may be at fault. Try another Sim in your phone. If necessary any Vodafone Shop can replace the Sim Card via a Sim Swap. 
  • An Apple Store Https:// can run a diagnostic on your iPhone. 


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