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Mobile Data Usage

2: Seeker

I have a iPhone 7. I reset my Mobile Data statistics every 4th day of each month. Recently on my visit to Spain only after about 6 hours after arriving in Barcelona I received message from Vodafone telling me that I have reached the limit on my data allowance. 

When I check the the Mobile Data usage on my iPhone it was not near the figure that vodafone was quoting in its message. 

My mobile data in the phone was showing:

Current Period 363 MB

Current Period Roaming 261 MB

Vodafone was telling me that I have already used 1.2 GB. 

When I asked Vodafone to explain why there is such discrepancy I was told that somehow the figures on my phone were inaccurate because they did not included data that goes through SIM card. I find that difficult to believe but I don't know enough about how the mobile networks works to dismiss it. 

I wonder if some could tell me how accurate are the mobile data usage figures on the iPhone and what do they include?


Thanks - Tom


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17: Community Champion



If you look in the settings where you found how much has been used in the iPhone it will also show the apps and how much they've used. 


There is also the settings for sending diagnostic information to apple etc. I turn those type of settings off. 


App updates in the background.

App refreshing in the background. 

Location type apps such as weather. 

Email app connecting to its server for new emails. 


All these can be tweaked to curb usage.  


Also turn off Wifi Assist which allows your phone to auto switch from one connection to another if it deems the current connection is weak. Turn off Mobile Data to force wifi only when you can. 


I used iPhones for a number of years (iPhone 4 to iPhone 6+) and found the data monitor in them to be pretty accurate, but not 100% , but do give a good guide. 


Vodafones myvodafone online and the app are useful tools too. 


It's good that you reset your iPhones Data monitor so keep those figures it you want to refute the usage levels which from your supplied figures are very different. 


Link to my guide. >Using-more-Mobile-Data-than-usual-My-Guide.


2: Seeker

Thank you for your answer. I have already checked those options. They don't explain why there is this discrepancy. Even myvodafone applicaiton shows different figures. I wonder what's the best way of tracking mobile data usage?



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17: Community Champion

It maybe that Customer services has a better 'real time' view of usage with myvodafone catching up which is typically around midnight. 


The usual ways are via myvodafone online and app supported by the phones inbuilt option. 


Alternative monitoring apps could be available via your App Store. 


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