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Network Unlock Code

2: Seeker

I asked for an nuc for my iPhone 5s and received a reference request 2822932 on 15 November, 14 days ago. Heard nothing since . As the advice is there can be a delay of 10 days, I am now concerned as to what is happening. When I email nucresolutions it just bounces back as undeliverable “ illegal host/domain name found “. Tried the complaint system but they can’t help me as my number and name is not showing up. I assume this is because my 2 year contract expired on 26 November. I can no longer access Myvodaphone  and I did not keep a note of my account number. How do I find out why it is taking so long to get my nuc code ?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Markbreislin there is no code provided to unlock iPhones, Vodafone forward a request for unlock to Apple who then unlock the phone remotely. It can take 30 days to process.


Have you tried a non Vodafone sim in the phone to check, you could also try connecting to iTunes to check.

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@Markbreislin Are you still waiting for your phone to be unlocked?
If you are, I've sent you a private message with more information on how you can get in touch.

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