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No 2G only option after iOS 11.3 and 32.0 Carrier settings

7: Helper

Per title really, no option to force iPhone into 2G only mode after updating to Carrier Settings 32.0 which came with the iOS 11.3 update.


Shame really as I’m now locked onto a weak 3G2100 site which will no doubt rinse my battery.


VF best get some more 3G capacity due to this undoubted increase in load all of a sudden!

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1: Seeker

This is completely useless as this happened in India as well. The 3G signal is weak and I am expecting more call drops. Battery will discharge rapidly. I will see if I can roll back to 11.2.6. 

I think that the best option. 

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That sounds strange @nikiandemma 
It may be best to contact Apple Support for further advice on why 2G is not an available option following your update.

Please let us know how you get on.

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2: Seeker

I was rather disappointed to discover this too, so much so that I have now downgraded back to iOS 11.2.6 so that I can keep the 2G only option.  


I'd rather have a stronger 2G than a weaker 3G signal, expecially when at home using WiFi.  I don't want to have to have WiFi calling enabled all the time and use more battery power in the process.


I'm hoping the 2G only option will be included in a future iOS release or maybe Vodafone can send out a further update to their Carrier settings to reflect this?

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7: Helper

Natasha, it was a decision by Vodafone to do this but most likely was controlled by Apple in terms of the carrier settings. It’s certainly in line with the other operators in the UK who offer 4G calling on iPhones. It’s just a shame that the option to force 2G only no longer exists

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