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Refusing to blacklist my IMEI number

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

 My phone was stolen at the beginning of May and I've contacted Vodafone multiple times as my insurance will not pay until the phone is blacklisted. The second person I spoke to after the phone was blocked (not barred) said they will blacklist it and I had to wait 3-5 buisness days and since then I've spoken to someone to get an email confirmation re the blacklisting so i could pass it on to my insurance. This confirmation only states the phone was barred on the 21st May. 


The person i spoke to today said that they can't blacklist it (due to me not getting my phone from then), yet no one else will blacklist it, I am at my wits end with Vodafone. 


Hopefully someone on this forum can help me as i need it blacklisted asap for the insurance!


P.s I've done everything I've needed to do i.e police report, crime ref number etc


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @lsim97


This is becoming more and more of a disgrace to Vodafone that Customer Services continually tell customers this nonsense.  Providing a Vodafone SIM has been used in the phone at the time of loss, there is no reason for the network being unable to blacklist the phone to enable you to complete your insurance claim.


Give the Team time to get to the thread, they will get it sorted.


Thank you @AnnS couldn't have said it better myself, I don't understand why they're so difficult on the phone to paying customers!

Why do they do something like this, what would the point of having the insurance be?

I've had this same problem, I've just spent about an hour on chat with an advisor refusing to help.

I provided the IMEI as I had that on the box, still the agent refused to help.

After going to and from with the agent I asked to be put through to his manager.

His manager had a look through the chat, had a look through my account, came back to ask a couple of questions and magically managed to see that my IMEI had been used between certain dates and blocked the stolen handset.

I didn't purchase the handset via Vodafone and I think this is the problem. Voodafone have some very weird idea that if they make it hard to block handsets when not purchased via Voda that you'll buy direct from them next time, as to avoid this issue in the future.


Vodafone, this will only make customers leave.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Two days ago I spoke to someone and because he started saying that the other three people I spoke to lied when they said they could blacklist the handset I asked to speak to a manager and he said his manager would call me “back within a hour, promise!” 


TWO days later and still nothing, I am sick of Vodafone and their customer service, worst network in the UK. 

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@lsim97 I'm sorry to see you've been given some conflicting information when contacting us. We'd love to help out with this, we'll ensure the phone gets blacklisted right away and feedback the misinformation you've previously been advised.

Please can you send us your details over, following the instructions set out in this private message.

Hi @Josh


I forgot to include my username and the link, will i need to do one again?

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@lsim97 Hi there 👋 You should've received an automated response when you submitted your details, please can you respond to the automated message with the missing details concerned. This way we'll have everything ready when a member of the team gets round to contacting you.


I am having the same issue as this thread. can you please help me out