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Sky Sports Mobile TV app registration with Voda Entertainment not validating

1: Seeker

I receive an error “Subscription not found, cannot match details at present” when trying to log in to the Sky Sports Mobile TV app via a Vodafone Entertainment subscription on iPhone XR. The error code is 80002. The faq’s suggest waiting 24 hours as it can take a while for registration to complete. 24 hours passed, still no luck so I called Vodafone who said they have received a few calls regarding this recently but the issue is with Sky. I called Sky who also mentioned that they have received calls regarding this error recently but the issue may also be with Vodafone. The lady at Sky advised that I post on social media to try and get the problem fixed quickly!!!?  Hopefully some at Sky/Vodafone will acknowledge and take responsibility for this validation issue and fix ASAP. 

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@Pel14 We'll be happy to take a closer look into this for you and help with getting your Sky Sports Mobile pack up and running. So we can do this, we'll need to access your account securely. I've sent you a private message with details to reach our team - please follow these details and we'll then be in touch to help.

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